Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables

Speaker cable

LGC copper conductors


Gold-plated banana connectors

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The Audioquest Type 4 speaker cable is the most affordable on the range and traditionally one of the oldest offered by the American manufacturer since the late 80’s.


The fundamentals, geometry and conductors of this cable are the same since 1995. The changes brought are about the conductors and insulators quality.

So we find the simple Star-Quad geometry that conserves time information while preserving the dynamic and clarity.


Negative conductors of this Type 4 cable are covered by a partially conductive carbon-filled polyethylene insulator. This remarkable material reduces radio waste sent to the amplifier.

It also absorbs several electromagnetic disturbances. Moreover, a carbon layer reduces the interaction between the positive and negative conductors. An external carbon-based noise dissipation system reduces external interferences.

All the conductors of this speaker cable (total of 4) are made of LGC single-filament copper (Solid Long-Grain Copper). This copper contains less impurities and less internal junctions, thus reducing distortions.

The banana plugs of the 300 series are gold-plated and provide excellent contact with a low-resistance.


This speaker cable is the best-buy of Audioquest! It has been and remains one of the most affordable and performing audiophile speaker cable for more than 20 years. And this success is fully understandable since the very first listening minutes.

Indeed, this cable offers an outstanding balance and a quite pronounced neutrality in order to be associated with several systems in low-range and mid-range.

The improvements made compared to a low-range speaker cable are incredible! To start, a great advance has been made in terms of bass, impact and precision.

What seemed rough and "rubbery" becomes totally readable. Transparency and mid-range and tweeter natural are also responsible of the restitution homogeneity.

The Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables are for sure, and to this day, a reference in this range by their neutrality, balance and versatility.

A best-buy!


Conductors: LGC (Solid Long Grain)

Geometry: Star-Quad

Positive insulator: Polyethylene

Negative insulator: Carbon-filled polyethylene

Connectors: Gold-plated 300 series banana

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Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables

Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables

Speaker cable

LGC copper conductors


Gold-plated banana connectors

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