Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables

OFC copper speaker cables
3.5 mm²
Fork or banana connectors

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The Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cable is made out of OFC copper conductors. This copper has been selected for its purity quality (99.9999%) and very low resistance. In order to minimize the memory effect of the cable, Atlas only uses PTFE (Teflon) to isolate the conductors. Which is quite rare in this price range! The diameter of the conductors (3.5mm²) which ensures an excellent transfer of the signal without any bandwidth limitation is also quite rare in this price range.

We greatly appreciate the Z-plugs banana connectors. Their contact is excellent, and above all superior to standard banana connectors which also have a harmful capacitive effect on the signal. The cables equipped with forks are also of high quality. Some prefer forks because they provide a greater contact area with compatible speaker or amplifier terminals that have 6 and 8mm spindles. These forks are made out of OFC copper and, like bananas are crimped to the cable.

These Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables produce a very balanced restitution with a bass and low midrange reinforced compared to the Atlas Hyper 2.0 speaker cables. However, there is no stoutness and there is a perfect coherence with the midrange and the treble. There is no aggressiveness or harshness to signal. There are excellent dynamics combined with a true transparency throughout the spectrum. The unison sounds just right and does not modify the timbre of the Hi-Fi speaker. These Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables have a potential which enables to even combine them with very high end Hi-Fi speakers. We connected them to our pair of Focal Sopra 1 speakers! And we were surprised by the articulation, the presence and width of the soundstage that this combination procures. The bass is also important to cite as an example due to the quality of the articulation of the realism it procures. 

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Conductors: 6N OFC deoxygenated coppers
Section: 3.5mm²
Type: 72 multi strand conductors (x2)
Dialectic: PTFE (Teflon)
Capacitance: 73,42Pf/m
Inductance: 0,5178 µH/m
Resistance: 0,0088 Ohm/m
Outside diameter: 8.5mm
Banana plugs: 4mm Z-Plugs crimped
Forks: 6 and 8 mm in OFC



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avis trés objectif de ma platine ces cables Atlas ont réhaussé tout le spectre musical en plus ils sont disponibles en plusieurs longueurs j'ai opté pour des fourches elles sont d'une trés bonne qualitée un must ces cables

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Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables

Atlas Hyper 3.5 speaker cables

OFC copper speaker cables
3.5 mm²
Fork or banana connectors

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