Atlas Equator Integra interconnect cable

Interconnect cable
RCA termination

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The Atlas Equator Integra interconnect cable is the second cable of the Scottish manufacturer's product range. Like the other models, it features great specific and technologically complex RCA plugs. They guarantee consistent impedance and low resistance. These RCAs are fully non-magnetic. Unlike most competitor cables, the conductors are crimped instead of welded. These connectors boast great quality for an interconnect cable within this price range.

The Equator Integra uses a conductor made up of 80 strands of high purity 99.9997% OFC copper. It has a dual OFC copper shield that provides optimum resistance against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). It increases the noise level in a cable with poor shielding. The Atlas Equator Integra interconnect cable has polyethylene (PEF) insulation. This process is used with cables worth twice the price. The build quality is absolutely flawless, Atlas cables are hand-built in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Reproduction is very well balanced and airy! The timbre immediately sounds softer than its competitors. But it does not mean that it is dark! It actually has a great resolution level with no over-exaggeration. The soundstage is amazing and very plausible. It is wide but not excessively like on some other products. The frequency response is very wide and never exhibits any limitations in the spectrum ends.

Playback is very vibrant, irrespective of the musical style. The dynamics and swing are amazing. I really enjoyed the quality of the mids. The vocals are perfectly textured. This interconnect cable gives the vocals beautiful presence and a more authentic edge. It is also amazing with brass and string sections.

Atlas' Equator Integra interconnect cable is the pick of the moment in terms of musicality and neutrality. We heartily recommend it.


Hifi Pig Recommended - 2016

What Hi-Fi - Product of the Year - 2012

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended - 2012


Principle: interconnect cable

Architecture: coaxial

Shield: double OFC

Insulator: PEF

Termination: RCA

Conductor: OFC copper

Inductance: 0.40 uH/m

Capacitance: 53.27 pF/m

Resistance: 0.027 Ohms/m

Impedance: 78.25 Ohm at 1 Mhz

Diameter: 8.5mm

Banc d'essai - Hifi Pig

0.4 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

0.76 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

1.1 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi Choice

Recommended - 2012

Hifi Pig

Recommended - 2016

What Hi-Fi ?

Product of the Year - 2012
Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Très bon rapport qualité - prix

J’ai récupéré ce câble lors du passage à l’Yyper Intergra. J’en ai profité pour l’adapter à un lecteur de CD M. 6006 et le résultat a été probant.
Certes, le musique reste colorée, ce qui est un choix tout à fait respectable du constructeur du lecteur, mais la différence est vraiment notoire : meilleure perception des détails orchestraux, meilleure spatialité, amélioration de la musicalité.
Je ne dis pas que ce câble transformera une citrouille en carrosse mais le remplacement d’un câble de modulation d’origine par un Equator Integra vous apportera une grande satisfaction avec un très bon rapport qualité prix

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Atlas Equator Integra interconnect cable

Atlas Equator Integra interconnect cable

Interconnect cable
RCA termination

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