DAVIS Acoustics Cesar HD Tower Speakers

Floorstanding speaker

3 way

Efficiency 92 dB

35 - 35000 Hz!

Made in France

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The Davis Acoustics CESAR HD floorstanding speaker is clearly a unique speaker! It combines current technology with a 'vintage' design!

It features an impressive 25 cm woofer, which is quite uncommon nowadays, especially within this price range. The user can therefore cover any musical style without any frustration in terms of frequency response and impact!

Davis Acoustics Cesar HD: loudspeakers

Davis Acoustics designed this woofer for a quick and taut bass. To achieve this, it features a light and rigid cone made of processed cellulose fibre.

To drive it, an oversized double ferrite motor has been retained. This 25 cm woofer can safely withstand high power with no distortion. It has a high loading volume, almost 60 litres. It is of course completely independent from the rest of the tower speaker.

The mids are true to what could be expected from a manufacturer like Davis Acoustics. It features Kevlar, a composite material valued by the manufacturer. To guarantee perfect acoustic connection with the woofer, the brand has opted for a 16.5 cm diameter driver. This is large for a 3-way speaker.

To increase dispersion, a central ogive has been added.

The treble frequencies are left to the tweeter TW20K2K with Kevlar fibre cone. It is a small very light 20 mm diameter coil that receives the signal and transmits it to the cone. This allows it to consistently rise up to 40,000 Hz.

With the persistent concern for a perfect merger of registers, it was decided to use a treble driver similar to a mid-range, both in terms of shape and material used. This technology is rare because very expensive and stems from the study conducted by the manufacturer on an iconic model: the KARLA speaker.

Davis Acoustics Cesar HD: listening and review

The sonic performance of this Cesar HD is similar to that of the golden age of JBL Infinity.

The bass is deep, vibrant and beautifully articulated. Mids have amazing presence and outstanding dynamics.

The top of the spectrum is just as great. It is detailed and perfectly blends in with the other registers. There is no harshness to be heard.

The Davis Acoustics Cesar HD floorstanding speaker is a timeless speaker! It is very generous and expressive… but not only! It is also very subtle when necessary. It is very versatile and can be easily paired with electronics with a bit of power and neutrality.

Recommended to audiophiles who miss exciting speakers!


Bass reflex: circular ports

Nominal power: 150 W

Maximum power: 250 W

System format: 3-way

Number of speakers: 3

Output: 92 dB

Frequency response: 35-35 000 Hz

Tweeter: 20mm Kevlar cone - voice coil

Midrange: 16.5cm Kevlar

Woofer: 25cm cellulose

Dimensions: 102 x 35 x 42 cm

Weight: 40 kg each

Impedance: 4 ohms (min)

Cut-off frequency: 250 / 3500 Hz

Break-in period: >50 h

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DAVIS Acoustics Cesar HD Tower Speakers

DAVIS Acoustics Cesar HD Tower Speakers

Floorstanding speaker

3 way

Efficiency 92 dB

35 - 35000 Hz!

Made in France

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