Focal Chorus 726 Tower Speaker

Tower speakers
3-way/4 drivers
Polyglass driver
Aluminium/magnesium tweeter
Made in France

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The Focal Chorus 726 tower speakers are the high-end model in the French brand’s Chorus range. They are a fine showcase of Focal’s expertise and experience, which has been accumulated over 36 years of dedicated service to High Fidelity, and particularly to acoustics.

They have a fairly conventional but tastefully understated aesthetic, with an evidently fantastic production quality. On the front is a 16.5cm Polyglass midrange driver. Polyglass is a cellulose fibre that contains glass microballs. The midrange is joined on the front of the speaker by two other 16.5cm drivers with Polyglass membranes, this time for bass frequencies. These drivers use a bass reflex loading system, as you can see by the front-firing port at the bottom of the speaker face.

The treble is taken care of by an excellent TNV2 inverted dome tweeter with a 25mm aluminium/magnesium membrane. This tweeter uses a Poron suspension system that has been directly lifted from the speakers in Focal’s Utopia and Sopra ranges. This material is an ultra lightweight memory foam, preventing collapse and degradation caused by the passage of time. It reduces distortion and improves the linearity of the frequency response, producing a softer but also more precise sound. It also improves harmonic richness and imaging. All of the drivers use an OPS filter, which reduces distortion and ensures the speakers are as much in phase as possible. On the back of the speaker is a simple but high quality terminal, which can be used to connect stripped cables, as well as banana and fork connectors. These speakers rest on 4 decoupling spikes.

The sound quality of the Focal Chorus 726 speakers perfectly embodies the spirit and philosophy of the French manufacturer, demonstrating dynamism and energy across all musical genres. The timbre quality is remarkable and the balance flawless. The treble is precise and detailed without being sharp or overly bright. The midrange is present and highly realistic. The bass is superb, boasting depth, tightness and articulation. These speakers are triumph of their category, and are sure to satisfy lovers of orchestral, organ, electronic and reggae music in particular. All of these qualities mean they are also highly versatile when it comes to compatibility with other Hi-Fi equipment.

The Focal Chorus 726 tower speakers are truly impressive speakers and a sound investment for the future.


Type: tower 3 way
Load: Bass-Reflex
Frequency response at -3 dB: 49hz – 28 KHz
Frequency response at -6 dB: 39hz – 28 KHz
Sensitivity: 91.5 dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Min. impedance: 2.9 ohms
Filtering frequency: 300/3 000 Hz
Woofer: 2 x “W” 16.5 cm Polyglass drivers
Midrange: 1 x “W” 16.5 cm Polyglass driver
Tweeter: 1 x 25mm aluminium/magnesium inverted dome
Recommended amp power: 40-250 W
Dimensions: 950 x 222 x 375 mm
Weight (each): 20.5 kg

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Focal Chorus 726 Tower Speaker

Focal Chorus 726 Tower Speaker

Tower speakers
3-way/4 drivers
Polyglass driver
Aluminium/magnesium tweeter
Made in France

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