Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 80W

Digital-to-analogue converter

USB input (up to 24 bits/192 kHz)

MP3 input

Bluetooth input: using Cambridge Audio BT100 audio receiver (optional)

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The Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier is replaced by the Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amplifier.

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 amplifier is revamped version of the Cambridge Audio CXA60 amplifier, now boasting 80W per channel as opposed to the original CXA60’s 60W. And that’s not the only difference between the two – unlike the CXA60, the CXA90 amp has a USB input and stereo XLR analogue input, as well as a dual mono design.

This means that the device has separate power supplies for the left and right power amplifiers.

Cambridge Audio CXA80: front panel

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 amp has a 100% metal anti-resonance housing.

Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier

On the left-hand side of the front panel are a 3.5mm MP3 jack input and a 3.5mm headphone jack output, as well as 4 buttons for analogue source selection and 4 buttons for digital source selection.

On the right-hand side of the front panel are 3 rotating buttons for adjusting the balance, bass and treble respectively.

The Direct button can be used to bypass the tone control buttons. The ALPs volume potentiometer ensures excellent channel balance, even at low volumes.

Cambridge Audio CXA80: inputs

This amplifier also doubles up as a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC), with 2 optical inputs, 1 S/PDIF coaxial input, 1 Bluetooth input and 1 type B USB 1.0 and 2.0 input (for PC and MAC). This USB input can play digital files with a resolution and sampling rate of up to 24 bits/192 kHz.

Both the Toslink and S/PDIF inputs accept resolutions of up to 32 bits/192 kHz.

To use this Bluetooth technology, you'll need to get your hands on the optional Cambridge Audio BT100 audio receiver. Once you’ve set up the Bluetooth BT100 receiver, you'll be able to stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 has 4 stereo analogue inputs, one of which is a symmetrical XLR input.

Cambridge Audio CXA80: outputs

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp can be used to power 2 pairs of speakers (A-B outputs), and these 2 outputs are fully interchangeable.  

It also has a pre out if you need to connect it to a power amplifiers.

And it has a sub out for a subwoofer.

Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier

Cambridge Audio CXA80: features

To prevent interference caused by overheating, the toroidal transformer is positioned at a distance from the preamp circuits.

The layout of the printed circuit boards has been optimised to minimise left/right crosstalk.

The left and right channels use separate heat sinks as well as separate symmetrical circuits, resulting in remarkable stereo separation.

It uses the high-end Wolfson WM8740 digital-to-analogue converter for its digital to analogue conversion.

Cambridge Audio CXA80: listening and review

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier is capable of powering a wide range of bookshelf and tower speakers with incredible ease, even at low volumes.

The sound quality is highly musical and the dynamic range is bright without being brash or overstated. The Cambridge Audio CXA80 is often paired with the Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport.

The Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier is a comprehensive device, with the capacity for 5 stereo analogue inputs and 4 digital inputs (5 if you include the optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver!).

A must!


Power: 80W per channel

Analogue inputs: 4 x RCA stereo analogue inputs, inc. 1 that can be used as XLR (symmetrical), 1 x 3.5mm jack MP3 input

Digital inputs: 2 x Toslink optical, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial, 1 x USB (1.0 and 2.0) type B, 1 x Bluetooth input (with Cambridge Audio BT100, not supplied)

Digital-to-analogue converter: Wolfson WM8740

Resolution and sampling rate (USB input): 16-24 bits, 44.1 – 96 kHz (USB 1.0) and 16-24 bits 44.1- 192 kHz (USB 2.0)

Resolution and sampling rate (Toslink and S/PDIF): 16-24 bits, 32-192 kHz

Output: Pre-out and Sub-out

Speaker outputs: A-B, interchangeable

Amplification layout: dual mono

Frequency response: 5 Hz - 60 kHz

Distortion: <0.002%

Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 115x 341 mm

Weight: 8.7 kg

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Customer reviews


ampli haut de gamme

pleinement satisfait de cet ampli qui alimente mes Elipson 4 i



Très content de ce produit. Son riche dans tout registre et je trouve assez neutre et musical.
Belle finition, simple à utiliser et pas encore poussé à plus du quart de la puissance. Il y a de la réserve !
Service maPlatine parfait !

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Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier

Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 80W

Digital-to-analogue converter

USB input (up to 24 bits/192 kHz)

MP3 input

Bluetooth input: using Cambridge Audio BT100 audio receiver (optional)

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