Atoll AM100se Power Amplifier

Stereo power amplifier

Dual Mono

Can be bridged into monoblock amp

Made in France

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The Atoll AM100 SE power amplifier is a power amplifier with a power capacity of 2 x 100W. Its 8mm aluminium front panel and a 1.5mm-thick metal body provide it with ample protection from vibrations. The top of the amplifier is perforated for increased heat ventilation. It can be connected to a preamplifier (e.g. Atoll PR100 SE preamplifier or Atoll PR200 SE preamp) or any integrated amplifier (e.g. Any product in the Atoll IN SE range) with a preamplifier output. And if you connect the Atoll AM100 SE amp to an integrated amplifier, it will take on the functionality of a preamplifier.

The Atoll AM100 SE power amplifier has 2 RCA inputs. It can be bridged to create a monoblock amp, which means you can use 2 Atoll AM100 SE power amplifiers in your setup. This is bi-amplification, which means your speakers will be powered individually (one amp for each speaker). To bridge the Atoll AM100 SE amplifier into a monoblock amp, all you need to do is flick a switch located inside the device. The toroidal transformer can reach up to 330VA and a total capacitance of 30,000 µF. To prevent vibrations, resin has been applied to the screws holding the transformer in place. The speaker terminals accept both fork and banana plugs, as well as stripped cables. The Atoll AM100 SE power amplifier also offers the function of a timer system for switching it on. A protective relay for the speakers and amplifier output stages (to protect against overcurrent) is activated a few seconds after it is switched on.

The Atoll AM100 SE amplifier is compatible with a wide range of different speakers. It has all of the trademark qualities of an Atoll creation. For example, its transparency and neutrality are second to none! A must-have!


Power under 8 ohms: 2 x 100 w

Power supply: 660 VA

Signal-to-noise ratio: >-100 dB

Inputs: 2

Sensitivity: 450 mV

Frequency response: 5 Hz-200 kHz

Total of capacitors: 15 000 µF

Rise time: 1.3 µs

Input impedance: 47 Kohms

Weight: 10 Kg

Dimensions: 440 x 90 x 270 mm

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Atoll AM100se Power Amplifier

Atoll AM100se Power Amplifier

Stereo power amplifier

Dual Mono

Can be bridged into monoblock amp

Made in France

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