Atoll IN200se Integrated Amplifier

Integrated amplifier

4 x analogue inputs

Headphone output

Remote control

Two pairs of preamp outputs

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The Atoll IN200 SE amplifier is the high-end model in the IN SE range by Atoll. It has a power capacity of 120W per channel. It has an 8mm-thick front panel made of aluminium and an 1.5mm-thick metal housing. It is a rigid machine that knows how to ward off all mechanical vibration. The top of the amplifier is perforated for increased heat ventilation. A set of aluminium buttons on the front panel are your key to selecting your source, adjusting the volume and adjusting the balance. All of these settings can also be controlled using the remote control provided. Also on the front panel is a 6.35mm headphone jack output.

On the back panel are 4 analogue inputs, 1 Tape input/output, 1 bypass input, and two pairs of preamp outputs. These two pairs of preamp outputs mean that you can either plug a power amplifier into one output, or use both preamp outputs to plug in 2 power amplifiers (bi-amplification). You can also connect a subwoofer into one of these preamp outputs. If you own a preamplifier, just connect it to the Atoll IN200 SE amplifier using the bypass input and it will take on the role of a power amplifier! 

To ensure optimal weight distribution, the 2 toroidal transformers, each with an output of 330VA (i.e. a total of 660VA), are positioned in the centre of the housing. The presence of these powerful transformers provides a strong foundation for excellent sound quality – for the preamplification circuits as well as for the power output stages. To prevent vibration, resin has been applied to the screws holding the transformer in place. Like all amplifiers in the Atoll IN SE range, the internal wiring of the IN200 SE is entirely symmetrical and made of discrete components, with a dual mono configuration after stabilisation. The differential input stages use bipolar transistors and the output stages use Mosfet transistors. Meticulous care and attention has been taken over the assembly of each component. The entire analogue section is mounted on a single plate and the layout has been meticulously arranged.

The IN200 SE amplifier delivers excellent transparency and neutrality. For example, it works wonders with the Atoll CD200 SE2 CD player, delivering a cohesive sound that is sure to satisfy even the most exacting of audiophiles.  With the IN200 SE, there is absolutely no colouration interfering with the authentic sound of each instrument, leaving just the music and nothing but the music. Its power supply means it is compatible with the majority of speakers on the market. It delivers exceptional dynamic range and sense of space. The combination of a tight bass and an articulated midrange and treble registers make this a highly musical amplifier. Best of the best! 


Power under 8 ohms: 2 x 120 w

Frequency response: 5-100 000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB

Sensitivity: 100 mV

Input impedance: 220 kohms

Distortion rate: <0.05%

Line inputs: 4

Tape: in/out

12V trigger output


Headphone output

Two preamp output pairs for bi-amplification

Total capacitance: 62 000 µf

Two pairs of MOS-FET transistors (in outputs of each channel)

Twin toroidal transformer: 660 VA (2 x 330 VA)

Potentiometer: ALPS

Aluminium front panel: 8 mm

Chassis: 1.5mm

Remote control

Phono stage: optional (P50 or P100)

Weight: 13 kg

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 90 mm

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Atoll IN200se Integrated Amplifier

Atoll IN200se Integrated Amplifier

Integrated amplifier

4 x analogue inputs

Headphone output

Remote control

Two pairs of preamp outputs

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