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The Rega Apollo R CD player is replaced by the Rega Apollo CDP CD player.

The Rega Apollo R CD player comes in the form of a discreet, compact box (220 x 90 x 315mm). It is a top-loading CD player, which means that the motorised trays are more vulnerable to wear and tear and could cause technical problems. Like many Hi-Fi specialists, Rega, depended entirely on Sony and Phillips for their mechanisms and management systems until Sony stopped production in 2003. It was then that Rega found a British IT development company which was just about to break into the Hi-Fi world with a highly advanced management system. 

The processor of the Apollo R boasts a memory of over 20MB and a 32 bit digital signal processing capacity. 

On the front panel of this CD player is an RCA stereo output designed for connection to an integrated amplifier (e.g. Rega Brio R amplifier) or a preamplifier. Its Toslink optical digital output also allows for connection to a digital-to-analogue converter such as the Rega DAC.

The Rega ‘Solar’ remote control gives you free rein over all of the Apollo R functions. The Rega Apollo R also has a Shuffle function, where your tracks will be played in a random order generated by the CD player. It also has a Repeat function for a whole CD or just one track.

The Rega Apollo R CD player stays true to the Rega philosophy: it is neutral, delivering a natural sound and good timbre quality. The remarkable musicality of this CD player gives it almost unrivalled value for money.


D/A converter: Wolfson WM8742 DAC

Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.0025%

Line output level: 2.15 V

Digital outputs: 1 x Toslink optical, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial

Stereo analogue output: 1 x (RCA)

Dimensions: 220 x 90 x 315 mm

Weight: 8kg

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Rega Apollo-R CD Player

Rega Apollo-R CD Player

CD/CD-R/CD-RW player

Remote control

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