Acoustical Systems SMARTractor set up tool

High precision Protractor
Made in Germany

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The SMARTractor by Acoustical Systems comes with five tangential curves combined on the same protractor. It is made from a mirrored acrylic foil supplied by Evonik. It is 3 mm thick, i.e. the same thickness as a 180 g LP.

The SMARTractor will help you achieve a precise, easy and quick alignment. It is easy to use with 1-point fixed setting for each tangential curve. All alignment lines are laser-cut hairlines (0.05 mm). It incorporates a real glass magnifier in an aluminium frame. This makes for unrivalled precise view when aligning your stylus. All 5 tangential alignments are based on true triangular positioning, which enables independent measurement of the tonearm's effective length. It makes it fully universal! It is thus compatible with ALL pivot tonearms, irrespective of their effective length or mounting position.

It is very easy and fast to use and delivers unrivalled reading and an amazing musical result. The ultimate must as far as alignment protractors go! Recommended for all amateur and professional perfectionists and to all those of you who own a high-end tonearm and cartridge.



TONE Audio Mag 2014 'Product of the year'


Possibility of 5 tangents
The old audio phono standards set by Löfgren and Baerwald at the end of the 1930's and 1940's
Standards - IEC and DIN.
* Löfgren A / Baerwald DIN
* Löfgren A / IEC Baerwald
* Löfgren B DIN
* Löfgren B IEC

Banc d'essai Tone Audio

0.38 Mo - pdf

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Acoustical Systems SMARTractor set up tool

Acoustical Systems SMARTractor set up tool

High precision Protractor
Made in Germany

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