Nordost Eco 3 antistatic liquid

Liquide Antistatique Nordost Eco 3 +

Anti-static fluid

Surface application

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Gradual static build-up reduces the performance of your audio or video system. Static is not easy to get rid of. Nordost has been working on these issues for a number of years, including on static in cables and their connectors.

To address this problem, the US manufacturer has developed an anti-static surface treatment: The ECO 3X.
These anti-static effects are not limited to the surface of cables, they also work on plastic. TV and computer screens offer a better definition, a better colour saturation and increased depth.

But the best example is with optical media like CD, SACD, DVD and Blu Ray. The sound quality is dramatically improved.
Just spray the ECO-3 anti-static fluid onto a cloth and wipe your cables, components, the surface of your CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and polycarbonate discs. Nordost's ECO-3 anti-static fluid removes the dullness, revealing a more natural, airy, subtle and better articulated soundstage.


Antistatic lotion
Surface application

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Nordost Eco 3 antistatic liquid

Nordost Eco 3 antistatic liquid

Anti-static fluid

Surface application

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