Analogis RESUME MM/MC phono preamplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier

Adjustable loading and gain

Made in Germany

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Analogis is famous for its range of turntable accessories and related items (brushes, sleeves, cleaning products, etc.).


We weren't expecting them to venture into the realm of electronics! And sure enough, the German manufacturer released a superb MM/MC phono preamplifier just a few days ago. It has a meticulous and exclusive presentation. It now comes in a beautiful wooden box featuring the brand's logo instead of the traditional cardboard package. You open the cover to find a pretty preamplifier and a beautiful alignment protractor. The chrome-plated front panel features a white LED in the centre.


The casing is made of mu-metal to ward off electromagnetic interference. The exterior finish recreates a nice and exclusive carbon effect. The back panel features two high quality gold-plated pairs of RCA connectors, quite uncommon in this price range! When you remove the cover, the 'Résumé' unveils its amazing interior components!


The components are outstanding: Low noise Op Burr-Brown amp, Styroflex and MKP capacitance with a tolerance to 1%, Selected resistors (0.01%!), Mundorf's MCap Evo capacitors… the DIP switches have gold-plated, self-cleaning double contacts! In a word, German quality at its best!


The designers have fully optimised this phono preamplifier with audio tests and no technical bias. The result is just there for all to hear! From the opening bars, we were impressed by the rich sound emanating from such a small box! The dynamics and articulation are quite impressive. The transparency and level of detail are also amazing for a product in this range. The timbre is reminiscent of some tube preamps. The room reverberations are particularly put forward, bringing authenticity to the music. The bass is quite something! It is very deep, well articulated and subtle (kudos to Mundorf capacitors!).


Analogis' Résumé preamplifier is a true revelation. It may not have superpowers, but for the price it does not have much competition, except for a couple of German counterparts!


Highly recommended!


MM input sensitivity: 4.35 mV at 1 kHz

MC input sensitivity: 0.5 mV at 1 kHz

MM input capacitance: 47, 100, 147, 220, 267, 330, 1000, 1370 pF

MC input impedance: 77, 100, 220, 330, 420, 680, 1100, 47000 Ohms

MM and MC output impedance: < 680 Ohms

MM gain MM at 1 KHz: 45 dB

MC gain at 1 kHz: 63 dB

Crosstalk: >86 dB

Dimensions (w x h x d): 110 x 53 x 108 mm

Weight: 604 g 

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j'ai reçu ma commande en deux jours ! Parfaitement emballée ! service irréprochable !
Apres 24 h sous tension , je suis très surpris par cette petite boite ! Avec ma cellule Ortofon Quintet black le son est très dynamique et vivant. Aucune agressivité malgré la définition et la précision. je redécouvre avec plaisir ma collection de vinyle ! Merci à pour ses conseils et son service !

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Analogis RESUME MM/MC phono preamplifier

Analogis RESUME MM/MC phono preamplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier

Adjustable loading and gain

Made in Germany

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