Furutech FI-E-11 R Rhodium Shuko plug

High end Rhodium Shuko plug

Dedicated to high-fidelity systems

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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The Furutech FI-E-11 R Shuko plug is made by the manufacturer Furutech.

Furutech FI-E-11 R: features

This outlet undergoes an 'Alpha' cryogenic process, which cools the metal parts of the conductors to a temperature between -196° and -250°.

This truly alters the molecular composition of the parts. The molecules are more intricately bonded and the overall structure is more stable. This dramatically improves electrical conductivity as well as the signal power and transfer.

Also, Furutech demagnetises its plugs to dramatically reduce distortion effects.

Furutech FI-E-11 R: listening and review

The new Rhodium plating offers a high resolution, with a transparent and precise sound quality.

The dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio delivers greater contrasts to the frequency spectrum. The bass is a lot tighter, faster and more precise.

Rhodium is ideal for high frequencies, with a lot of clarity and details. The overall sound is more sensitive, subtle, neutral and punchy.

This amazing Furutech FI-E-11 R plug fitted to the OEM cable of a system yields quite amazing results.

Feel free to pair it with a Furutech FI-11 R Rhodium IEC female connector.


2 x poles and ground


Clear blue nylon and glass fibre body

Cable clamp: non-magnetic stainless steel

Copper alloy Alpha conductor

Permissible cable diameter: 6.6 mm/16.0 mm

Dimension: 44 x 39 x 77 mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


super produit

j'ai fait des tests sur la Prise Furutech Rohdium FI-R11R sur différent câble secteur vraiment bien génial la classe un produis très haute gamme merci encore maplatine.com


bon produit

un super produit Prise secteur mâle Shuko en Rhodium Furutech FI-E-11 R Le seule bémol j'arrive pas à vous joindre par téléphonne Réunion Dom donc faut juste un service clientel plus sympa pour les dom marci maplatine.com

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Furutech FI-E-11 R Rhodium Shuko plug

Furutech FI-E-11 R Rhodium Shuko plug

High end Rhodium Shuko plug

Dedicated to high-fidelity systems

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