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The founders of specialised in the sale of turntables for a good reason. Initially, they were just music lovers like you and me. But their passion was so strong that they needed to learn more. This lead them to the USA. They learned a lot about analogue and High-Fidelity. When they returned to France with their new skills, they set up an online shop. It aims to provide music lovers with sound systems tailored to their needs. is first and foremost a shop that sells analogue systems specialising in high quality brands. The online shop is looking to develop its image as well as to satisfy its customers by selecting high quality products with a worldwide reputation. One of the most prestigious on the portal is Clearaudio. Connoisseurs will testify that this brand is one of the most iconic on the market, in particular for its array of technical assets. Clearaudio products feature many options and have guaranteed quality. 


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Besides the German brand, offers other famous names like Ortofon. It is essentially famous for the outstanding quality of its Ortofon cartridge range. They are among the most critically-acclaimed Hi-Fi cartridges worldwide. Customers especially like the Fine-Line profile of their styli. Now the cartridges are more resistant to wear and have significantly improved performance levels. Need specific advice to choose a cartridge? Refer to the product details or contact the website's customer service. 

With, you can combine the love of High-Fidelity and modern technology. The online shop offers a selection of modern turntables that will meet all your requirements. In this field, we can also recommend a Thorens turntable. The Swiss manufacturer has become an expert in the art of making turntables that feature modern touches that will no doubt catch your attention. Design, finish, performance, technology, the whole concept is very well thought out to deliver the best precision. In fact, the data sheet of these turntables will confirm this. If you're looking for further information, the maPlatine team will be glad to help.