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Whether you want to have fun, relax, or just enjoy the moment, maPlatine.com is the place where lovers of High-Fidelity will be happy to meet. You'll find high quality sound systems.


The return of the turntable

The founders of maPlatine.com did the right thing by specialising in the sale of turntables and accessories. Putting their travels to the US and around Europe to good use, the two friends offer high end products. In fact they apply quite a draconian selection policy. As they aim to offer efficient audiophile solutions, they have to be selective. Thanks to their training and experience abroad, they are able to advise you on the system you need to buy according to your needs.?


What to choose on maPlatine.com.

Looking for a modern turntable? Opt for a Thorens turntable. maPlatine.com has high end models to choose from. The Swiss manufacturer is a benchmark for this type of product. Each product boasts high performance levels, a unique design and a more than satisfactory precision. As for all the products on our website, you can view the product details online. It is a good opportunity, because you can compare between models you're hesitating about.?

Are you a great fan of Ortofon products? You'll find the latest Ortofon cartridge models on maPlatine.com. The Fine Line stylus profile makes these cartridges flagship products in the world of the Hi-Fi cartridge. The Danish brand is constantly striving for perfection to make their products more efficient and resilient to wear. The service life of their cartridges has significantly improved. This is proof of the high performance of the cutting edge technology they use. Still in the Ortofon cartridge section, the 2M series stands out with its unparalleled quality-to-price ratio. ??For professionals and non professionals alike, maPlatine.com has a number of surprises in store for you.

These include Clearaudio products. Functionality and quality are the main assets of these products. You can choose one of the models available on our website to enhance your analogue system. Considered as a high end brand, you'll be proud to have a Clearaudio system at home. Like all the products sold on maPlatine, Clearaudio products are covered by a warranty that you can request from the shop's After Sales Service.