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The passion for High-Fidelity was founded by music and High-Fidelity lovers. They are passionate and were driven to share their expertise with all their fellow audiophiles out there by offering products of high audiophile quality. They have become full-fledged experts through extensive training. This is what the online shop offers users!

The selection of items we present to our customers on are very carefully selected. Customers are guaranteed in terms of product quality as they all come from the leading Hi-Fi manufacturers. Those who have visited our online shop and have fond memories of the record player will have the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering the Clearaudio range, among others.


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Pro-Ject is also one of's flagship brands, in particular with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon manual turntable. In this section, fans of the manual turntable will find what they're looking for. They will be able to choose a model that suits them in terms of design and colour. Opt for the colour variants that will go with the colour of your walls and, why not, just go with your mood. Quality is a constant as this range only offers products of outstanding design. The aim is to give you the chance to use them for many years.

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