Pro-ject turntable: over 20 years of expertise

Founded in 1991, the Austrian company Pro-Ject is currently the world leader on the turntable market. The quality of the materials and sound make this brand an essential benchmark for any self-respecting music lover. While there was a drop in the market in the 1990's, turntable manufacturer Pro-ject became unexpectedly successful with their first model, the P1.

The excellence of Pro-Ject turntables

From then on, many ranges followed, all different, yet retaining the company's signature quality for its products. The Pro-Ject turntable is now part of the most prestigious pieces of equipment on the market. For all these reasons, and because our aim is to satisfy you, we offer a wide selection of Pro-Ject turntable models, as well as other accessories developed by the brand. There are many ranges of speed controllers, belts, phono preamps and other items of equipment to add to the large collection of Pro-Ject turntables. No less than 35 different Pro-Ject turntable models are currently listed on the manufacturer's catalogue, as well as the other categories of equipment for records that are continuously being developed. In a concern to provide good quality products for all users, whether they are DJs, audiophiles or sound engineers, the strength of the Pro-Ject turntable is that it develops each range into a variety of models. Every detail undergoes fine finishing work, allowing the designers to meet users' requirements as much as possible. With the selection of Pro-Ject turntables available, the price range is also wide. The price range for a Pro-Ject turntable spans from 200 to 9000 Euros.

Don't miss out on the quality of a Pro-Ject turntable

Currently Pro-Ject's production sites are based in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but the products of the Austrian company are available in many countries worldwide. On you can buy a Pro-Ject turntable online safely and be delivered quickly at home. As in any Pro-Ject sales outlet, your purchase will be backed up by a warranty and after-sales service. Expert advice and the technical details of the products are also available on, as well as via e-mail.