Characteristics of high quality Hi-Fi headphones

Whether you use them to fully enjoy your music or not to disturb other people around you, the various Hi-Fi headphone models must be carefully selected depending on their features or characteristics. Indeed, the Hi-Fi headphone models available are adapted to various applications and have distinctive features that determine their level of quality. Browse to find a wide selection of Hi-Fi headphones with all their details, as well as, for some of them, reviews from consumers who have already used them. Generally, the essential characteristics of high performance Hi-Fi headphone models are similar.

High quality Hi-Fi headphones

The first thing to do before selecting Hi-Fi headphones on is to determine what you need them for. The criteria will differ depending on whether you use your headphones at home or outdoors (closed-back headphones will be more appropriate for outdoor use).

Other essential characteristics must be considered for the selection of your Hi-Fi headphones: sensitivity and frequency response that determine their ability to process all the sound frequencies (from bass to treble), total harmonic distortion, which has to be the lowest possible, and impedance, which determines the compatibility with your headphone preamp. For music players, a mean impedance of 50 ohms is required. Finally, the choice between open-back or closed-back Hi-Fi headphones will directly depend on intended use.

Hi-Fi headphones are intended for a specific use

Closed-back headphones, for instance, completely shut out any ambient noise and are therefore ideal for use in public transport or noisy environments. That's why DJs use them. Closed-back headphones are often more audiophile-oriented and more authentic. Browse the selection of high quality Hi-Fi headphone models, listed by brand, design, colour and price range on