Characteristics of good headphones

Wherever you are, the prime purpose of using headphones is to not cause a nuisance to others with the noise. However, headphones are chiefly aimed to amplify the audio sound, which enables the user to be at the heart of the sound and let the music surround them.

High quality Hi-Fi headphones

Most commonly designed as an open-back headset, headphones are made up of a large membrane that amplifies low frequencies, earpieces whose rear section is half closed to avoid applying pressure to the ears. The headphone models available on are comfortable, practical and aesthetic.

Headphones usually use electrodynamic technology and have distinctive technical features that you'll need to consider as you browse to find a set. First of all, you need to determine the shape of the headset, as open-back headphones have a more open sound and truly give the impression that the music is breathing, whereas closed-back headphones completely shut out any ambient noise. Closed-back headphones are ideal for use in noisy environments.

Selecting the ideal headphones

When you buy your headphones from, you will be assisted in your choice. We'll give you more insight into some essential characteristics that will guarantee the quality of the headphones, such as the weight, which is to be determined according to your mobility, comfort -both in terms of sound and when worn- as most models adapt to the users' morphology, the length of the headphone cable, that must be suited to the environment in which the headphones are used (you can use a long cable when you're at home to be able to move around freely, but you should ideally use a shorter cable when you're in public transport for example), frequency response (ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz), impedance that affects the headphones' sound level, as well as sound pressure (that determines the sound level that the headphones can withstand).