The record player, where nostalgia and high performance collide

For many of us, the love of vinyl records dates back to our childhood or teenage years. In recent years, the record player has been back in our homes, bringing back fond memories of happy times with family or friends. As the CD rage back in the 80's is now a thing of the past for most audiophiles and music lovers, the record player is finding its place of honour among Hi-Fi systems.

The timeless record player...

With a smile on your face, you rediscover your favourite records that had been stored in boxes and followed you over the years. Isn't it just wonderful to watch the record player's tonearm approach the record and hear the typical sound it makes as it carefully comes in contact with the grooves? You stand there, mesmerised by the rotating record, and time just freezes. Though the younger generation consider the record player as a bit outdated, they are curious anyway and want to take a closer look at it. To relive the pleasures of the past, you don't necessarily have to go back in time. We're giving you the opportunity to bring nostalgia and high performance together. Users are surprised by current record players because of the sound quality that is on par with other audio equipment. Just place the record on the platter and press a button to enjoy your favourite music.

A turntable within your budget range

Nowadays you can find all sorts of turntables within all budget ranges, from the cheapest ones to those that only a chosen few can afford to buy. What turntable should you buy? You'll have to ponder over this yourself and analyse your requirements to come up with an answer. has a wide selection of products to suit every customer and every requirement.