Pro-Ject Debut 3: a passion for vinyl

Fashion comes and goes, often replaced by new technology. This consumer trend has its advantages though when a product eventually becomes popular again, bringing something fresh and different. This applies to few products... One of them, however, did manage to establish itself and make a comeback in just a few years, and that's the turntable. It delivers unique sound quality and emotion. Leading manufacturers on the market include Pro-Ject with the Pro-Ject Debut 3.

Pro-Ject Debut 3 is back in favour

Now turntables are back in people's living rooms and are part of the standard equipment used by professionals in the music industry. One of the most popular models, the Pro-Ject Debut 3 turntable, is available on The website sells many turntable models, including the Pro-Ject Debut 3 that boasts a streamlined design. It is part of the Debut range, currently the best-selling range worldwide. Underneath Pro-Ject Debut 3's refined design lies an unexpected sound quality. The quality of the one-piece tonearm and the Ortofon cartridge are true assets for this turntable. You'll be able to play your 33 and 45 rpm records with the best sound quality.

Enjoy the Pro-Ject Debut 3 for its sound quality and the object itself

Note that the Pro-Ject Debut 3 is a fully manual turntable, with a tonearm that you manually return to its resting post at the end of a record. Pro-Ject Debut 3 unleashes the true pleasure of music at a perfectly affordable price. What's more, it is compatible with your Hi-Fi system so that you can enjoy your new equipment to the fullest.