Why order on maPlatine.com?

Are you looking to purchase a turntable, phono cartridge or phono stage? Need any advice before you purchase from our website?

Find out why you should order from maPlatine.com with illustrations!

Before you purchase...


You can read many purchase guides for help. Whether you're planning to purchase a turntable, or if you're finally taking the leap and purchasing your first turntable, read our recommendations to find out what you need. As every customer is different, you will probably have specific questions, so feel free to contact our customer service.

You can trust Franck and his team to walk you through your Hi-Fi equipment purchase. Depending on your budget, musical tastes and the equipment you already own, our experts will help you find the most suitable product.



You've finally decided which Hi-Fi equipment you want to purchase! You can order from our maPlatine.com website with no hassle.

If you purchase a record player or any other electronic unit, you can get our extended warranty offers.

Order preparation, shipment and delivery

PreparationYou've finalised your purchase, it's been accepted and all the products are in stock. Our logistics team will prepare your order.

Our technicians will check that the products are in good working order and set them up for you so they are ready to use when you receive them. For further details about the order preparation and checking processes, we recommend that you read our article about the order preparation service on maPlatine.com.

reception colis

Once approved by our technicians, the order is carefully packed and shipped in safe conditions. To further guarantee the safe shipment of your products, and more specifically turntables, an extra layer of bubble wrap is added to the packaging.


Your Hi-Fi equipment is delivered ready set up so that you can install it and use it immediately. 

Do you have any question about our products or need assistance with a problem?


If you have any questions when you receive your products purchased from maPlatine.com, contact us at contact@maplatine.com. We'll be happy to help you out!


If there's a problem with your product, contact our After Sales Service team. In this article, you'll find all the details about returns, our after sales service, warranty, and more.

reparationWe take care of everything. Our technicians are accredited to repair the products. All our products - except cartridges, styli and belts - have a 2 year warranty.

When you purchase from maPlatine.com you are assured to get assistance throughout the life of your Hi-Fi products.

Devis hors garantie

If your product is not under warranty or if the warranty has expired, you can return it. We will send you a detailed estimate for the repair. For optimum coverage, maPlatine.com recently launched a warranty extension service that covers your products for 5 years. Click HERE to find out more.

reception après panne

When your equipment is repaired, we ship it back to you as soon as possible.