USB turntable -

You can find all sorts of turntables, including USB turntables. We offer a selection of high-quality USB turntable models for you to choose one that best meets your expectations. USB turntables are the next-generation turntable models that can be directly connected to a computer.


The magical effect of USB turntables

At first, they look like a standard turntable that can play 33, 45 and 78 rpm records interchangeably. The advantage of USB turntables lies in that they can be connected to a computer, which makes it possible to capture the digital audio stream from the playing record: you'll be able to listen to your favourite tracks on your computer or on a digital music player. USB turntables are therefore a clever combination of digital and analogue technology for the enjoyment of music lovers. The outcome is a success, with the sound quality preserved in digital format and excellent record listening qualities. With a USB turntable, you can easily transfer your vinyl albums to a digital format and safely keep your vinyl record collection and take it wherever you go, including on digital music players.


There is more to USB turntables than meets the eye

The USB turntable has a refined design, very similar to that of standard turntables. The only significant difference naturally lies in the connectors that enable connection to a computer. To avoid cluttering the design of the object, it has been streamlined. The components used are the best on the market, providing the USB turntable with excellent technical quality. You can choose from many different models on our website: each one has different and distinctive features. Read the product details to help you choose your ideal equipment. If you want to order a USB turntable, you will benefit from our services to make your purchase experience as easy as possible. only sells products covered by warranty and promises to deliver your USB turntable in only a few days, depending on stock availability. A call number is available for any queries regarding your system or its setup.