The record player brings back fond memories...

The typical crackling sound of a record, the warm notes need to delve any further to immediately bring back the sweet memories of listening to a 33 or 45 rpm record, either comfortably sitting in your living room around a record player, or even venturing a dance, to the tempo of this oh so inviting sound.

The timeless record player

It doesn't look like record players will be relegated to the history books any time soon. They could well have fallen into oblivion when CDs came on the scene, along with other digital recording media, where the sound is engineered to the extreme in the quest of purity that often seems bland to the ears of true music lovers. This is undoubtedly what prompted the return of record players and why they are truly appreciated. Record players are now back with this prevalent feeling of a very authentic listening experience, where music can be enjoyed to the fullest. Find these products on

Relive the experience of record players

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