Rega turntable: a benchmark product

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Rega turntables: history

The first Rega turntable - the famous Planet - was released in 1973 and immediately met with success. The company focuses on keeping their products simple, with a minimalist yet high-quality design. The Rega turntable was then developed and many other models were marketed. The company develops all the turntable components internally to have greater control over the design of each part and deliver highly robust products. Rega turntables are considered to be unique because their design often departs from conventional models, taking fans by surprise, always retaining the same distinctive level of quality. The primary objective of Rega turntables is to deliver an unparalleled sound quality while being distinctive in terms of design and features.

The Rega RP1 turntable, a sound investment

Our website offers the Rega RP1 turntable, a benchmark product for its attractive price and user-friendliness as it comes fully set up. This turntable is one of Rega's best-buys, both in terms of quality and simplicity. It meets all the criteria of Rega turntables: simplicity, quality and unique design. endeavours to make your orders easy and quick. All our products are covered by warranty and are delivered in just a few days, depending on availability of stock. Feel free to contact our customer service for assistance. You can also purchase accessories, such as phono preamps, for best results from your REGA turntable and obtain the best sound quality. You'll also find furniture and mounts to install your new Rega turntable wherever you please. This way you'll benefit from high-quality audio equipment at home to enjoy with family and friends.