Building a Hi-Fi system at Christmas 2016 – Gift ideas

Building a Hi-Fi system at Christmas 2016 - Gift ideas

Christmas will soon be upon us! And as you probably know, we now have a fully dedicated Hi-Fi offering. So you can create a complete Hi-Fi system on To help you find some Christmas gift ideas, we can suggest combinations of Hi-Fi products that are fully compatible with each other. Ready to play Christmas gifts to be tried out as soon as the package is opened!

1. Christmas gift ideas for creating their first Hi-Fi system

Do you have a loved one who has a small CD collection? Offer them a complete Hi-Fi system so they can get the most pleasure out of their CDs and begin their audiophile journey in style.

In the High-Fidelity world, it is often rightly said that the source is everything. So you must have a high quality CD player. To create your first Hi-Fi system, we recommend you use the Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10 CD player, which has an integrated DAC.

Lecteur CD Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Used with the Topaz AM10 built-in amp, also proposed by Cambridge Audio, you will obtain highly consistent and musical results. A little extra feature (but not the least for analogue fans): this Topaz AM10 amp can be connected directly to a vinyl turntable!

Amplificateur intégré Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10

For you to be able to hear the sound quality obtained by this combination, you will naturally require loudspeakers! With the Q Acoustics 3020i bookshelf speakers, sound quality is dynamic, rhythmic and fully balanced.

Enceintes bibliothèque Q Acoustics 3020i

Does your loved one also have a large record collection in their smartphone or tablet? Add a Bluetooth receiver to the Hi-Fi system proposed above to play your music! For example, add an extra flourish this combination with the InAkustik Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The 'little' Christmas gift that will make all the difference.

Récepteur bluetooth Audio In Akustik Receiver

2. Christmas present ideas for upgrading your Hi-Fi system

Are you looking for a Christmas gift idea for a member of your family who would like to improve their Hi-Fi system? Discover a second combination of products still ready to use to lay beneath the Christmas tree.

If you want to offer a vinyl turntable at Christmas rather than a Hi-Fi source (CD player, etc.), we recommend you try the Rega Planar 3 vinyl turntable, featuring the excellent Rega Elys II MM cartridge. it is the final word on sound quality, even if we did not expect less from the British brand.

Platine vinyle REGA Planar 3 avec cellule Elys II

To get the best out of this Planar 3, you must combine it with the Rega Brio R integrated amplifier, one of the brand's best-sellers for more than 30 years! From the very first minutes of listening, we can only note its great quality… If your loved one is looking for clear sound quality, you could not delight them more!

Amplificateur intégré REGA Brio R

With this type of Hi-Fi system, we recommend using the ASA Monitor Baby bookshelf speakers at least. Every bit of the clarity obtained with the Rega Brio R is felt through these small speakers made in France. The sound stage is incredibly precise, whether for voice or instruments. A complete Hi-Fi system that will certainly delight many people at Christmas!

Enceintes bibliothèque ASA Monitor Baby

3.Christmas present ideas for optimising your Hi-Fi system

Is there a great lover of music among your family and friends and are you looking for a Christmas gift for them? Here are a few gift ideas for them to improve their Hi-Fi system.

If they are a vinyl record collector, then the Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon vinyl turntable will certainly be an excellent choice: good tonearm, completely separate motor, damped cones, etc. Combined with the superb Ortofon Quintet Red MC cartridge, this turntable works wonders. Its neutral sound quality makes it highly versatile. The perfect Christmas gift for music lovers of all kinds.

Platine vinyle Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon avec cellule Ortofon Quintet Red

If they also collect CDs, the Atoll CD200 SE-2 CD player will be a delightful gift to place under the Christmas tree. Indeed, this CD player perfectly reproduces all the information on the CD. This notably provides a dynamic and rhythmic sound quality.

Lecteur CD Atoll CD200 SE-2

Whatever the source chosen, it will combine perfectly with the excellent P200 SE phono preamplifier, as wells as withIN200 SE integrated amplifier, both from the French brand Atoll Electronique. This amp is certainly the most accomplished product of the IN SE series. Combined with the Atoll CD200 SE-2, you will have a very coherent, high quality system.

Préamplificateur phono Atoll P200 SE

Amplificateur intégré Atoll IN200 SE

Another advantage? The IN200 SE sounds great with a very large number of Hi-Fi speakers. For example, with the Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 tower speakers, musicality and balance will prevail. In addition to their undeniable audiophile qualities, the careful finish of this pair of speakers must be emphasised and enjoyed. A beautiful Hi-Fi system to have at home, and especially to be placed under the Christmas tree!

Enceintes colonne Sonus Faber Venere 3.0

4. Ideas for Christmas gifts to build a prestige Hi-Fi system

Do you want to dream and delight your family and friends near to Christmas? So this last combination of Christmas gift ideas is perfect for you! Browse our selection of prestige Hi-Fi products.

In terms of prestige, the German Clearaudio brand comes immediately to mind. Its Performance DC vinyl turntable is a perfect example of this. Indeed, this turntable has technologies and innovations that make it a high quality high end product. Thanks to its excellent Clarify tonearm and its Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge, the sound quality of the Performance DC is outstanding. And this for all types of music: from the blues to classical including pop, and even reggae!

Platine vinyle Clearaudio Performance DC

For the electronics, we recommend the superb Mc Intosh MA5200 integrated amplifier… In addition to its pleasing design, with its two blue vumeters and black facade, this amp gives genuine listening pleasure. A guaranteed 'live' effect, whatever the source! The Mc Intosh MA5200 can do everything and, above all, it does so well.

Amplificateur intégré Mc Intosch MA5200

To be worthy of these outstanding products, we naturally recommend the Focal Sopra 1 speakers, from the 'democratic' range of the French brand Focal. Mounted on their essential Sopra Stand 1 feet (optional), these speakers will have so much more flare! Their sound quality emphasises substance and presence. IT is also full of realism, you almost wonder where the sound is coming from. With this prestige Hi-Fi system, you are sure to make someone happy a Christmas! ;)

Enceintes Focal Sopra 1 avec pieds Sopra Stand 1

Does your family member or friend already have all the Hi-Fi equipment they need and just want a turntable? We can also help you by suggesting our gift ideas for buying a vinyl turntable for Christmas.

Also browse our selection ofReady-to-Listen packages. Indeed we propose a wide choice of ready to use packages, gift ideas for all occasions!


We hope that this shopping guide will give you a few ideas for gifts to offer your family and friends for Christmas. If you would like further information, our technicians are naturally available by e-mail (