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Contest dates

The advent calendar starts from Thursday, 1 December 2016 at 00:01 am and closes on 24 December 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Everyday from the 1st December to 24th December included, a new contest can be accessed via the website.
In all, is organising 24 contests over the period from the 1st to the 24th December 2016. Each contest will start at 00:01 am and will close at 11:59 pm.

The announcement of the winners and the shipping of the prizes will take place on 30 January 2017.

Contest rules

For all the contests over the period, the aim of the contest is to answer a multiple choice questionnaire. The questions will concern a prize or partner of the advent calendar operation.

To take part, just go to the advent calendar application that can be accessed directly from the website.

Fill in the information requested from you and answer the questions.
To help you, will give you clues to answer the questions correctly.

The winner will be drawn from lots from among all those who correctly answered all the questions for the day's contest.

Prizes to win

Everyday, and its partners offer a prize to be won. In all, and for the entire duration of the advent calendar operation, more than€4,200 (recommended retail price incl. taxes) in prizes can be won!

-    Thursday, 1st December 2016: 1 subscription for one year (6 numbers) worth €53.4 offered by our partner New Noise
-    Friday, 2nd December 2016: 1 SK-III Furutech brush worth €139 offered by Furutech
-    Saturday, 3rd December 2016: 1 record box worth €34 offered by our partner Latouch
-    Sunday, 4th December 2016: 1 Pro-Ject Essential II Référence turntable worth €269 offered by Pro-Ject
-    Monday, 5th December 2016: 1 packet of inner sleeves + 1 packet of outer sleeves for records, worth €28 offered by
-    Tuesday, 6th December 2016: 1 Dragonfly Audioquest USB DAC worth €99 offered by Audioquest
-    Wednesday, 7th December 2016: 1 purchase voucher of €150 (incl. taxes) to be used on the website for any purchase of a product from Rega offered the Rega brand
-    Thursday, 8 December 2016: 1 ADL GT40 Alpha phono preamplifier worth €489 offered by the brand ADL by Furutech
-    Friday, 9th December 2016: 1 selection of 4 records worth €65 offered by our partner Beast Records
-    Saturday, 10th December 2016: 1 MM Ortofon 2m blue phono cartridge worth €220 offered by Ortofon
-    Sunday, 11th December 2016: 1 Spin Clean Washer System manual record cleaning machine worth €99 offered by Spin Clean
-    Monday, 12th December 2016: 1 Rega Planar 1 turntable worth €375 offered by Rega
-    Tuesday, 13th December 2016: 1 selection of 4 records worth €65 offered by our partner Beast Records
-    Wednesday, 14th December 2016: 1 set of cleaning and set up accessories for records (1 clean it + 1 brush it + 1 measure it + 1 level it + 1 strobe it) worth a total of €187 offered by Pro-Ject
-    Thursday, 15th December 2016: 1 MM Audio Technica AT120 eB phono cartridge worth €129 offered by Audio Technica
-    Friday, 16th December 2016: 1 Flux HIFI Sonic stylus cleaner worth €139 offered by Flux HIFI
-    Saturday, 17th December 2016: 1 selection of 4 records worth €67 offered by our partner Beast Records
-    Sunday, 18th December 2016: 1 SK-III Furutech brush worth €139 offered by Furutech
-    Monday, 19th December 2016: 1 O-Zone test turntable worth €35 offered by Clearaudio
-    Tuesday, 20th December 2016: 1 Spin Clean Washer System manual record cleaning machine worth €99 offered by Spin Clean
-    Wednesday, 21st December: 1 Arcam DAC with miniBlink bluetooth receiver worth €150 offered by Arcam 
-    Thursday, 22nd December 2016: 1 Care Kit Pro cleaning box set for turntable and records worth €149 offered by Clearaudio
-    Friday, 23rd December 2016: 1 A2D mini phono preamplifier worth €150 offered by Rega
-    Saturday, 24th December 2016: 1 Pro-Ject Art-1 turntable worth €980 offered by

Our partners

Partners of the contests Advent calendar 2016


Article 1 – Definition and conditions of participation in the contest

MAPLATINE.COM with a capital of 22,000 Euros, registered with the RENNES trade and companies register under the number 533 519 575 RCS RENNES and with its headquarters at 33 Boulevard de la Haie des Cognets – 35136 St Jacques de la Lande in France, is organising a contest without any obligation to purchase within the framework of an Internet marketing operation.
• MAPLATINE.COM is also hereinafter referred to as: 'the Organiser'
• The 'Entrant' in the contest is also designated below as the 'Entrant'
• The 'Winner' of the contests is also designated below as the 'Winner'.

The contest will be hosted on the page of the and can be accessed at the following address during the entire contest:  

Article 2 - Conditions of entry

This contest is open to all adult physical persons resident in metropolitan France, having an Internet connection after acceptance of participation conditions in compliance with the French law on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties.

One entry per physical person and per day is accepted throughout the contest.

Excluded from any participation during the contest are the members of MAPLATINE.COM personnel, as well as the members of their family.

Article 3 – Dates of the Advent Calendar operation

- start date of the Advent Calendar operation: Thursday 1 December 2016 at 00:01
- end date of the Advent Calendar operation: Saturday 24 December 2016 at 11:59 pm

Article 4 – Terms and conditions of entry

4.1 – Terms and conditions for posting entries

Five steps are required for the entry to be approved by the Organiser.
The Entrant must:
a) login to the website page accessible at the following address during the entire duration of the contest:
b) click on the contest for the day signalled by the photo of the prize to win
c) fill in ALL the form information: LAST NAME, First name, Postal address (for the dispatch of the Winner prize), E-mail address, telephone number (number intended for the deliverer)
According to the technical possibilities made available by, this information may be changed or added to subsequent to sending your entry per request by e-mail to the address
d) click on 'I enter'
d) you MUST answer all the questions asked in the questionnaire (hints are given to the Entrant to help them answer).
e) the Entrant can only take part once a day

4.2) Warranties and responsibility for the validity of the entries

MAPLATINE.COM retains the right to cancel, terminate or amend this operation if it does not roll out as planned: any virus, bug, violation, unauthorised intervention, fraud, action from a competitor, technical problem or any other cause beyond MAPLATINE.COM's control that may alter and affect the administration, security, equity, integrity, or running of MAPLATINE.COM.

By taking part, entrants agree to defend, declare or uphold the harmlessness of MAPLATINE.COM and its agents against any complaint, legal proceeding or responsibility for any prejudice, loss or damage derived by participation in the contest (including use of the photo) or the approval or use of the award won.

As a general rule, Entrants warrant the Organisers of this contest against any actions, legal proceedings or complaints that could be taken for the purpose of all the warranties and commitments.

Incomplete or erroneous entries will be rejected, without the Organiser being held responsible. Any entrant making an unfaithful statement will be banned from the contest without the Organiser being held responsible.  

As such, Organising Company MAPLATINE.COM retains the unreserved right to moderate subsequently and not to validate, and even exclude, remove from the contest, any entrant, that breaches one of the conditions of the terms and conditions, the author of which is suspected of fraud or violating the integrity of the contest.

4.3 – Terms for awarding the prizes

A new contest begins each day, from Thursday, 1st December 2016 to Saturday, 24th December 2016 included. For each contest day the Entrant must:

a) the Entrant must have filled in all the information of the entry form LAST NAME, First name, Postal address (for the dispatch of the Winner prize), E-mail address, telephone number (number intended for the deliverer)
b) the Entrant has only submitted one application per day
c) the Entrant has correctly answered all the questions of the Questionnaire that will be asked in the form of QCM (hints are available to help them)
d) the Entrant validated their entry by clicking on 'I confirm my answers' at the bottom of the page of the Questionnaire

In the event of equality, will draw lots for the name of a winner from among all the participants who have met all the points mentioned above.

If there is any erroneous information entered by the Winner in the entry form that prevents the Organiser from contacting, reserves the right to draw a new winner by lots.

Article 5 – Execution of the contest

The Contest is run as follows:
The entrant logs in to the address: where a window will appear so as to present the prize to be won for the day and to access the application used to take part in the contest.
After clicking on 'PLAY' and reading the terms and conditions:
•    The Entrant can try their luck every day of the Advent Calendar period
•    The entrant can only take part once a day in the daily contest
•    The Advent Calendar will be organised from 01/12/2016  to 24/12/2016. There are therefore a total of 24 contests over the period. Each contest is held from 00:01 to 23:59.

For each contest:
•    The entrant must answer all the questions of the Questionnaire then confirm their answers
•    Among all the entries of the day, those who answered all the questions of the questionnaire will be eligible to win the daily prize. The Organiser will use a lottery software to determine the Winner among the eligible people.
•    The Organiser contacts the Winner and sends them the prize won by the Winner. The prize sent corresponds to the prize for the day of the entry of the Winner.

Article 6 – Nominative and personal data

By participating, entrants agree in advance to the Organisers freely using any nominative information communicated on the Advent Calendar application for their own account and on all media, for commercial or promotional purposes and irrespective of medium.

Entrants therefore also authorise the Organisers to contact them on their e-mail address to announce to them the result of the contest in particular.

Your personal data collected is mandatory and necessary for processing your entry in the contest. It is intended for the Organisers or subcontractors and service providers for management purposes.  

Pursuant to the applicable law, the data collected is exclusively intended for the Organisers and will be neither sold nor transferred to any third parties, in any manner whatsoever.

Pursuant to the law of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties, amended by the law of 6 August 2004, Entrants have the right to access, correct or remove their personal information and a right to oppose, that can be exercised by writing to MAPLATINE.COM at the following address:

The information provided by the entrant is intended for use by MAPLATINE.COM  as part of access to its service, in keeping with the general terms of sale and as part of the management of this contest.

Article 7 – Liabilities and rights

The Organising Company accepts no responsibility for non-conforming entries, as laid out in article 4 or that could give rise to a complaint by a third party.

In the event of dispute from a third party, irrespective of nature, only the responsibility of the Entrants will be invoked.

The Organiser is entitled to modify the terms of notification before the prizes are drawn, if necessary or relevant. In such case, the entrant will be entitled to remove their entry or entries. Entrants have no further rights.

The Organisers:
• Retain the right to amend, extend, reduce, limit the prizes or cancel the contest in the case of force majeure as set forth by case law. As a consequence, they accept no responsibility for such circumstances.
• Inform that, considering the characteristics of the Internet network, such as the free harvesting of the data circulated and the difficulty, and even impossibility, to control the use that could be made of it by third parties, they accept no responsibility for any inappropriate or fraudulent use of such data.
• Accept no responsibility for any fraudulent use of the access rights or allocation of a prize of an Entrant.
• Accept no responsibility in the event of failure of the Internet network, telephone lines, receipt hardware that could affect the execution of the contest. Furthermore, they accept no responsibility for any problems regarding the transport or loss of any e-mail or letter.
• Accept no responsibility for any technical failure or problem, hardware or software, irrespective of its nature (virus, bug, etc.) occurring on the Entrant's system, their IT system and on the data stored and any consequences that could affect their personal, professional or business activity.
• Accept no responsibility for any problems with the contest prizes and any direct and indirect damage they may cause.
• May at any time, including for technical and update reasons, temporarily close access to the Page and the Contest. The Organisers accept no responsibility for such interruptions and the consequences thereof. No compensation may be claimed on the above grounds.

For any questions, comments or complaints regarding the contest, contact the organisers.

Article 8 – Exclusion conditions

Entry in these contests involves unreserved acceptance of the terms set out in these terms and conditions by the Entrant and without any precondition, failure to comply with these terms and conditions lead to exclusion from the contest, the voiding of their entry and the allocation of prizes.

Article 9 – Registration

These terms and conditions can be sent upon request and are available on the sur website at the following address:

Postage costs will be reimbursed on the basis of the applicable longer delivery rates in France.

Only one reimbursement and shipment will be sent per household (same name, same address). Upon request in writing sent to the same addresses as in article 8, the costs for access to Internet, for reading the terms and conditions and entering the drawing of lots will be reimbursed at the applicable local tariff at peak time (connection costs reimbursed on the basis of 5 minutes of connection to the PSTN).

An application for reimbursement must come with justification from the telecom operator or internet service provider, indicating the date, time and call time. It is understood that no reimbursement will occur if the entry is made as part of an unlimited deal (Broadband, Cable or other).

Reimbursement of sums (stamp or connection) will be done by bank transfer or via cheque, to be determined by the Organising Company, subject to the complainant providing all the information required for the operation.

Article 10 – Competent courts

These terms and conditions are governed by French law.

The parties must endeavour to find an amicable settlement of any dispute arising from the interpretation and execution of these terms and conditions. Should the dispute persist, it will be settled by the competent courts.

The Entrant acknowledges that they have read these terms and conditions, that they accept them unreservedly and adhere to them fully.