Grado top picks

Our Grado top picks

Grado is an American brand established in 1953 in the New York neighbourhood of Brooklyn. The brand is now famous for its high-quality MM and MC phono cartridges, but also for its Hi-Fi headphones. For more than half a century, Grado's expertise is recognised and appreciated by demanding music lovers and specialist magazines throughout the world. For you, we have selected our favourites from the Grado brand.


Grado Hi-Fi headphones

Hi-Fi Grado SR80e headphones

Hi-Fi Grado SR80e headphones are an upgrade of the famous Grado SR60e headphones. Just like its little brother, its highly-designed and careful manufacture obtains outstanding audiophile results. Moreover, this is what has made the brand a success! With these Hi-Fi headphones, you will obtain a dynamic and balanced listening. The specialist press has awarded it several times, and we understand why. Great headphones with incontrovertible value for money.


Hi-Fi Grado SR80e headphones



Hi-Fi Grado PS1000e headphones

The Grado PS1000e headphones are part of the professional top end range of the American brand. These audio headphones are obviously good for music professionals, but also for the most demanding of music lovers. The specialised press has moreover awarded the Grado PS1000e many times (HiFi Choice, What Hi-Fi, Diapason, etc.). We couldn't wait for one thing: wrap it around our ears and listen (see our test in our purchase guide on listening with headphones)… And we were won over. The sound quality is incredible, full of energy, coherence and subtlety. In short, a benchmark for all!

 Hi-Fi Grado PS1000e headphones



Grado Jack 6.35/3.5 mm adaptor

The Grado Jack 6.35/3.5 mm adaptor is a clearly practical accessory for all those who may have headphones with a 6.35 mm male Jack, but a device equipped with a 3.5 mm female Jack. This Grado brand adaptor allows you to use both of them together. In addition to this, Grado ensures that no deterioration in sound quality will be observed so without any hesitation, this small accessory is a sound investment! 


 Grado Jack Adaptor for headphones



Grado phono cartridges

Grado Gold-1 MM phono cartridge

The Grado Gold-1 MM cartridge is the equivalent of a Grado Silver-1 cartridge for turntables but better. Indeed, the Grado Silver-1 cartridges are sorted and subject to tests and very precise measures. Hence, among the best Silver-1, only a tiny fraction of the cartridges will be selected and considered by Grado as being efficient enough to be considered as Gold-1 cartridges. This turntable cartridge offers you better audiophile performances, particularly with regard to the soundstage. But this is not all as with this phono cartridge, the playback is very energetic. The Grado Gold-1 will certainly delight music lovers who do not want to spend a fortune for a turntable cartridge… A benchmark!


Grado Gold-1 MM phono cartridge



Grado Master-2 phono cartridge

The Grado Master-2 cartridge comes in two versions: the 'Reference' for the MM version and the 'Statement' for the MC version. As with all Grado cartridges, the Master-2 is manufactured using a Moving Iron principle. Irrespective of your output choice, you will obtain a dynamic and precise sound quality. However, with the MC version, your sound quality will be even finer and more nuanced. A genuine success!


Grado Master 2 MC phono cartridge



Grado 78E phono cartridge

With the Grado 78E cartridge, the Brooklyn brand also caters for music lovers who are fans of 78 rpm records! Indeed, this MM cartridge is specially designed to play this type of record. And Grado has not done things by half since many specialists consider this Grado 78E to be THE best 78 rpm cartridge on the market… The listening experience is always as amazing!

Grado 78e phono cartridge