Clearaudio: The benchmark German turntable manufacturer

For over 25 years, Clearaudio has continuously developed new outstanding products and is still a benchmark for professionals and vinyl record lovers. When it was first founded in 1978, Clearaudio immediately became a sensation thanks to the quality of the materials used and the functionality of their products. Turntables, cartridges and tonearms...the German manufacturer leaves nothing to chance as far as the vinyl record market is concerned and reaches every objective, regardless of equipment.

Clearaudio: a success story

At the helm of Clearaudio is the ambitious and visionary Peter Suchy, who makes sure that every new release continues to perfect and build upon the innovation of the existing product lines. Clearaudio's turntables, vinyl cartridges and phono preamps take place of pride on Opt for quality with one of the most iconic turntable brands. By selecting Clearaudio in your search criteria, you can have direct access to the entire German collection.

Clearaudio on maPlatine: everything you need

Clearaudio has all the products you need, whether you're looking to buy new equipment or enhance your current analogue system. Browse for Clearaudio's ranges of turntables, tonearms and cartridges. Within a few years only, the manufacturer has gained a well-deserved international reputation. Although CDs are everywhere, vinyl records are still very much in fashion and timeless thanks to the quality and expertise of a few leading companies like Clearaudio. Our team of music lovers is proud to sell products of this premium brand. Each of the manufacturer's products is backed up by warranty and after-sale service. Stay tuned for the brand's new products.