Compare high-end turntables (for budgets of €1200)

Comparison: High-End turntables

We’ve already brought you a comparison of entry-level and mid-range turntables. Now it’s time to devote some time to comparing high-end record players in this new shopping guide. We will compare two of the most essential models on the analogue market: the 2Xperience SB DC turntable by Pro-Ject, and the Clearaudio Concept MM

This guide will help you compare the technical details, strengths, weaknesses and specific musical features of each of these record players. It also contains recommendations of the equipment we think best complements the capacities of your future turntable, as well as some customer reviews. We hope that it will help you narrow down your options and find your ideal turntable!


Comparison: entry-level turntables


The Pro-Ject  2Xperience SB DC Turntable


Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB DC record player 


The first thing you notice about the 2Xperience SB DC turntable by Pro-Ject is its eye-catching, stylish finish, which comes in four variations. But it’s more than just a pretty face, boasting many musical attributes as well, such as a 9-inch tonearm, decoupled motor, and the excellent 2M Silver cartridge. All of this amounts to highly detailed and transparent playback, which never tips over into harshness. And on top of all that, its speed controller makes switching between 33? and 45 RPM playback speeds accessible at the push of a button. It definitely makes the cut as one of our top picks!

This turntable is also fully upgradeable. For example, you could easily replace the phono cable with the highly effective Connect It RCA CC, also by Pro-Ject. This record player also has enough upgrade potential to handle high-end cartridges and accessories. For a sound that really fulfils this potential, we would recommend specifically the Ortofon 2M Black (MM) or the Ortofon Quintet Black (MC) cartridges.



Clearaudio Concept Turntable (MM package)


Clearaudio Concept MM turntable


German brand Clearaudio has an impressive selection of products available on the analogue market, and is widely regarded for its production quality. And the Concept turntable is no exception - this record player has been crafted with meticulous precision. Every aspect has been carefully designed to ward off vibrations, resulting in a precise and neutral sound quality - in large part thanks to its made-to-measure MM cartridge. The integrated speed controller lets you switch easily between 33?, 45, and even 78 RPM! It is a fine showcase of Clearaudio’s expertise.

The Concept package is fully comprehensive and user-friendly (Plug & Play), with no need for upgrades - the phono cables and cartridge are both of extremely high quality. Clearaudio does, however, also give you the option of a Concept Clamp record clamp. This product was designed specifically for the Concept range and ensures seamless contact with the platter, accentuating further the dynamic range and precision of your records. Clearaudio also offers a dust cover to protect your Concept turntable from dust.

Customer review:

‘Thank you for the speedy delivery and impressively careful packaging! After I installed it, which really was child’s play because everything had been prepared and set up for me, I took a step back just to take in the flawless finish of the thing - it had all the craftsmanship of a fine, luxury watch. The aluminium tonearm contrasts beautifully with the deep black of the turntable base, and the light-coloured wood panel (on the wood version) really gives the whole thing a touch of class. I put a record on and was immediately struck by the clarity, without any of the harshness or listener fatigue you get with CDs, or even with some of the more expensive turntables. Now I can finally spend some quality time with records I’ve been missing for years. Thank you again for your service, I think it’s fairly obvious that I am extremely happy with my purchase. ’


Each of these turntables has its own distinct features.  You should base your decision on your tastes and the changes you may wish to make to your Hi-Fi system in the future. We hope that this guide has been useful in finding the best turntable for you from our selection of record players in this range.


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