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The stylus is an essential part of the turntable. Customers purchasing a turntable usually don't pay enough attention to stylus details, although it is a key element of the turntable! Bear in mind that a poor-quality stylus will affect your system's sound quality and will not allow it to perform at its best. The stylus is the part that is used to actually play the record. It converts the mechanical energy generated from riding in the record's grooves into electrical signals that are then sent on to the preamp. The stylus is eventually prone to wear and will need replacing.

Replacing the stylus

Browse www.maplatine.com for our selection of turntable styli. They come either separately or complete with their cartridge. The stylus is attached to a phono cartridge that is secured to the tonearm. You'll find a selection of market leading styli brands on our website. With your new stylus fitted to your turntable you'll be able to sit back and listen to your favourite classics from your record collection and let the good times roll! Mounting a cartridge or stylus onto your record player is very easy and requires no specific technical expertise. Contact our customer service if you need any help to set up your equipment. We also sell replacement styli for damaged cartridge styli. We offer a wide selection of stylus models, so you'll no doubt find the one you need for your turntable at a price within your budget range.


Diamonds are a record's best friend!

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