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Turntables are back! This is great news for music fans, who love their sound quality, and collectors of vintage audio equipment and instruments. Modern and vintage turntables are very popular among audiophiles, artists and DJs, professional and amateur alike. They come in all shapes and sizes and are definitely here to stay!


The turntable: an audiophile's best friend

Whether you want to set the dance floor on fire, listen to your favourite classics or just add to your collection, browse www.maplatine.com for a wide selection of turntables, complete with comprehensive product details. www.maplatine.com has high-quality turntables to match every application and budget. First of all, before setting your heart on a specific model, you should carefully examine the technical specifications and the manufacturer, which will often give you good clues about quality.

Leading turntable manufacturers

Pro-Ject, Thorens, Rega, VPI, Clearaudio, Well Tempered are leading turntable manufacturers. On www.maplatine.com you'll find all the product details, advice on how to use the products and get the most out of them, useful tips, as well as a number of accessories (e.g. Hi-Fi cartridges, cables (tonearm, interconnect cables, etc.), platters, dust covers, belts, phono preamps, and more).