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Record players

The record player is in the spotlight on maPlatine.com. You'll find parts to enhance, take care of or repair your record player, fact sheets that cover the history of this product and models that suit your tastes. You can even indulge in a groundbreaking model to enjoy with your family. We're talking about the USB turntable.

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When you visit our website, you'll realise that you're not left in the dark. In fact, each model is associated with a photo and a description with useful information. You can also find out more about the brand by clicking on the associated link, or otherwise by typing the name in the search bar. You couldn't find the information you were looking for Send a request by e-mail at contact@maplatine.com.


A wide selection of products and brands

Record players, Hi-Fi cartridges, phono preamps, Hi-Fi headphones, maPlatine.com gives you plenty of choice. Think you know everything about the record player? You'll keep learning on the website. You'll find out new features that will help your new system deliver to its best. Learn about the distinctive features of brands such as Thorens, Ortofon, Clearaudio and Pro-Ject.

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