sees music in High-Fidelity

Music is a matter of High-Fidelity. Or at least, this is's perspective with our wide selection of cutting-edge analogue solutions.


Give in to the charm of the record player

Discover our collection of record players. Let its pop, vintage and stylish features inspire you. Also, the models that we have selected for you feature the latest technology that will make you forget about your CDs and MP3 players without a second thought. The true audiophiles out there won't be mistaken and will recognise the high quality sound of our record players. You won't have to deal with the unpleasant disadvantages caused by compression that affect next-generation audio equipment.


The record player is back on the scene and you should get one. The models available on are for collectors and lovers of good sound alike. Whether you're a professional in the music industry or an amateur, you'll find the ideal version for your use and expectations. This type of record player offers an unprecedented sound quality to listen to your record collection. ??With the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, everyone has access to a record player with an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio. With these products, Pro-Ject has become the leader on the market. You'll love the colours, the very elaborate design and the impeccable finish. There is however a detail that could be an incentive to purchase... And that's the price. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntables are quite affordable. Whether you're a trendy young woman or man or an experienced professional, this turntable will naturally find a place in your life. Depending on the colour you opt for, you can even use it for decorative purposes!?


Continuously aiming to meet your desires and habits, Pro-Ject has developed a USB turntable model. You will be able to transfer your record collection to your computer. You can also naturally use it as a regular record player with an associated phono preamp. Like all the turntables available on, it will be set up and checked before shipment.