Tellurium Q Blue USB cable

USB audiophile cable

A/B connectors

Made in the UK

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

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In the wake of the success of their loudspeaker cables, phono cables and interconnect cablesTellurium Q hits the market with a range of digital cables! Tellurium Q's Blue USB cable is entirely hand-built!

Tellurium Q Blue USB: features

It has a high quality exterior design with a blue elastomer jacket distinctive of the manufacturer's Blue range.

Tellurium Q Blue USB: listening and review

When connected to a DAC and a computer, this cable works wonders. You can immediately tell the difference from a 'standard' USB cable.

Playback is softer with a finer and more detailed treble. The mids seem more open and have more presence. The bass is also to be reckoned with. It seems more analogue, wider and merges better into the other registers.

Tellurium Q's Blue USB cable is a great success and once you try it, you'll immediately understand why the specialist press is so enthusiastic. Just can't recommend it enough!


Hi-Fi Choice Recommended - 2014

Hi-Fi World - 2014

AVtech Media - Best USB Cable - 2014/2015


Connectors: USB A and B

Length: 1 m

Sheath: damping

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

0.38 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi World

0.63 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - AVTech Media

0.45 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi Choice


Hi-Fi World


AVTech Media

Best USB cable - 2014/2015
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Tellurium Q Blue USB cable

Tellurium Q Blue USB cable

USB audiophile cable

A/B connectors

Made in the UK

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