Sovtek 6N1P double triode tube

Audio tube

Double triode

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Manufacturer : SOVTEK

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The Sovtek 6N1P audio tube is a double triode with low signal for a use as a line level amplifier or as “driver” into high-quality audio amplifiers.

Apart from a more elevated heater current, the 6N1P tube is similar to the 6DJ8, ECC88 or 6922 types and can replace these types on some audio applications. However, you will need to consult the manufacturer of your equipment to ensure this.

The main characteristics are a very low distortion and a longer lifespan than a 6DJ8.

We offer here this Sovtek 6N1P audio tube in low noise version (carefully selected by!)


Audio tube

Double triode

Selected Low noise and low distortion

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Sovtek 6N1P double triode tube

Sovtek 6N1P double triode tube

Audio tube

Double triode

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