Pro-Ject MaiA All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

Integrated amplifier

Phono input

Bluetooth receiver

3 x analogue inputs

USB input

Digital-to-analogue converter

Headphone output

Remote control

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The MaiA all-in-one amplifier by Pro-Ject (My Audio Integrated Amplifier) is a truly remarkable amplifier and digital-to-analogue converter. It has a brushed aluminium front panel, available in either silver or black, and can accommodate up to 9 different sources. It has 5 digital inputs (1 S/PDIF coaxial, 2 Toslink optical, 1 type B USB, 1 Bluetooth input) and 3 analogue inputs: 2 RCA stereo inputs and 1 3.5mm jack input). You can also use it to listen to your vinyl records through its MM phono input.

The Bluetooth input lets you listen to music through any Bluetooth-enabled device. This means you can stream your favourite tunes from any Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or computer. The MaiA uses the aptX codec to achieve the same sound quality as a CD. To use the Bluetooth function, just screw on the antenna to the back of the Pro-Ject MaiA to get reception reaching up to 10m.

The type B USB input lets you connect the Pro-Ject MaiA to a computer so that you can listen to music via streaming platforms or internet radio. The USB port uses an XMOS microcontroller (24 bits/192 kHz).

The digital coaxial and optical inputs enable you to connect the MaiA to sources such as a CD player (e.g. the Pro-Ject CD Box S player) or any other device with a digital coaxial or optical output (TV, radio tuner, satellite receiver, etc.).

It also has two analogue inputs for devices with analogue outputs. The Pro-Ject MaiA also has a headphone output (6.35mm jack) on the front. 

There are two buttons on the front panel for source selection, but you can also do this, as well as adjust the volume, using the remote control provided with the device. Small LED lights indicate the selected source. The volume potentiometer is motor driven and made by Soundwell. 

The main circuit board takes up just over half of the box’s surface area. It contains the phono preamp, aptX Bluetooth receiver, the USB interface and various power supply regulations. The Bluetooth card uses a CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) receiver module. The chopper amplifier circuit board can be inserted into a connector at the edge of the main circuit board. This amplifier also has a specific circuit board dedicated to headphones. This amplifier is a Texas Instrument TPA6111A2 with a power output of 150mW. It also uses a Cirrus Logic CD4344 chip (24 bits/192 kHz) for digital to analogue conversion.

Combined with a pair of bookshelf speakers (e.g. Speaker Box 5 Positive Technology), the Pro-Ject MaiA delivers a detailed sound. Its 2 x 25W power capacity is more than enough for small rooms. It delivers highly satisfactory tonal balance and dynamic range, as well as a lovely sense of spaciousness. 

The all-in-one Pro-Ject MaiA integrated amplifier is a truly astounding amplifier. It is compatible with a wide range of digital and analogue sources, and it’s worth noting that it’s extremely rare for an all-in-one amplifier to have a phono input. All of these functionalities and excellent sound quality make this a truly standout integrated amp – the Swiss army knife of the Hi-Fi world!


Power under 8 ohms: 2 x 25 w

Digital inputs: 1 x USB type B, 2 x Toslink optical, 1 x coaxial S/PDIF

Phono input: MM

Phono gain: 40 dB

Phono impedance: 47 ohms

Line input: 2 x stereo RCA and 1 x 3.5mm jack

Line input sensitivity: 350 mV

Line input impedance: 47 kohms

USB: Audio Class 2 (asynchronous)

Digital/Analogue converter: Cirrus Logic CS4344

Bluetooth receiver: 4th generation, codec aptX

USB and coaxial resolution coaxial sampling rate: up to 24 bits/192 kHz

Optical resolution and sampling rate: up to 24 bits/96 kHz

Microcontroller: XMOS

Headphone output: 6.35mm jack

Variable output: 3.5mm jack

Volume potentiometer: motorised

Remote control

Frequency response: 20-20 000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio: >90 dB

Dimensions: 206 x 36 x 220 mm

Weight: 1.850 kg

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Très bon ampli

J'ai acheté cet ampli pour l'associer avec une Thorens TD 150 MK2 + Grado Prestige Blue 1 et des enceintes Dali Zensor 1, pour une pièce de 30 m2.
C'est sa taille très contenue et la marque sérieuse qu'est Pro-ject qui m'ont intéressé.
Après un petit rodage, le son délivré est propre. Les fréquences basses sont claires et ne bavent pas. Les médiums et aigus sont bien représentés. Le son possède un volume qui remplit l'espace. La puissance de l'ampli est largement suffisante pour une pièce de 30 m2. La qualité de fabrication est irréprochable.
Le seul reproche à faire à cet ampli serait le prix élevé et le manque de réglages, même basique (basse, balance, etc.)
J'ai essayé aussi le bluetooth. L'appairage avec mon Mac ou mon Iphone est aisé. Le son est chaud que pour l'entrée phono et je dois pousser un peu plus l'ampli pour avoir un niveau sonore équivalent.
En bref, je ne regrette en rien cet achat.

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Pro-Ject MaiA All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

Pro-Ject MaiA All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

Integrated amplifier

Phono input

Bluetooth receiver

3 x analogue inputs

USB input

Digital-to-analogue converter

Headphone output

Remote control

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