For a different approach to our product selection, here is a compilation of reviews for the turntables, cartridges, preamps and other Hi-Fi equipment in Hi-Fi magazines following trials.



Roksan XERES 20 PLUS turntable: Hi-Fi News review

VPI Traveler turntable: OnTop Audio review, Tone Audio review

Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution turntable: Haute Fidélité review

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable: Prestige review, Music Emotion review

VPI Scout turntable: 1 and 2


VPI Classic 1 turntable: The Audio Beat review

6-Perspex turntable: Haute Fidélité review

Clearaudio Concept Pack MM turntable: What Hi-Fi 2010 review, Hi-Fi World 2010 review

Wilson Benesch Full Circle turntable: Review



Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III High Output MC cartridge

MC AC-5 Accuphase cartridge: Technical data sheet

Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III High Output MC cartridge: Prestige review

MC Dynavector DV 20X2 L cartridge: Tone Audio review


Headphone amplifiers

Lehmann Linear USB headphone amplifier: Review

Lehmann RHINLANDER headphone amplifier: Review


Phono preamps

Moon 110 LP phono preamp

Jolida JD9 phono preamp: Audio Review review, OnTop Audio review

Moon 110 LP phono preamp: OnTop Audio review

Moon 310 LP phono preamp: Tone Audio review

Lehmann Black Cube phono preamp: Reprint review

Lehmann Black Cube SE phono preamp: Review

Lehmann Black Cube SE II phono preamp: Hi-Fi News review

Lehmann Black Cube Statement phono preamp: Hi-Fi News review

Lehmann Decade phono preamp: Hi-Fi News review

Sutherland PH3D phono preamp: Hi-Fi News review

Parasound Halo JC3 phono preamp: Prestige review