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The special offer not to be missed

Pack platine vinyle Pro-Ject Signature 10 avec cellule MC Ortofon Cadenza Black

Over the past few weeks, you have surely seen our articles on phono cartridge trade-in programs from many brands. Today, two major Hi-Fi brands are partnering to offer a new trade-in program: Pro-Ject and Ortofon. Eternal partners, this new offer is sure to delight many audiophiles!

The special offers

Pro-Ject is pulling out all the stops with their latest offers! There are two parts to the offer. The first part is a special price on a package that includes a turntable and a phono cartridge. The second part is a trade-in offer for your old equipment. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Discount

Pro-Ject and Ortofon are offering a fantastic discount on their most prestigious products, the Signature 10 turntable and the MC Cadenza Black cartridge. The package was originally priced at 10,499€, but is now available for just 8,499€, a saving of 2,000€. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your audio system!

Signature 10 turntable with Cadenza Black cartidge package

The Takeover

But that’s not all! Pro-Ject is also offering a trade-in program for your old turntable, which can save you up to 2,000€ on the purchase of the package. Please note that not all turntables are eligible for the trade-in program. To find out if your turntable is eligible, please contact our customer service.

This offer can be combined with the previously mentioned discount, bringing the total price of the package down to 6,499€. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss out!

Package details

Let’s now take a closer look at the products included in the package. The first product is the Signature 10 turntable, which is Pro-Ject‘s high-end turntable. The second product is the Ortofon MC Cadenza Black cartridge, which is a very remarkable cartridge.

Pro-Ject Signature 10 Turntable

The Signature 10 turntable is one of the most prestigious turntables from the Austrian brand. It features a robust and stable construction that is designed to minimize resonances and decouple the chassis from the surface it is placed on. In keeping with its status as a high-end turntable, it has a 10-inch S-shaped arm that is perfect for accommodating the Ortofon cartridge. Its platter has been carefully designed to offer optimum inertia, and is driven by a belt drive. On its own, it delivers detailed sound, beautiful musical reproduction and a sublime design. To learn more about this turntable, please refer to its product page.

Signature 10 turntable

Ortofon MC Cadenza Black Cartridge


What better way to accompany this exceptional turntable than with an equally exceptional phono cartridge? The MC Cadenza Black cartridge is also part of one of Ortofon’s most prestigious ranges. It benefits from the best materials and advanced technologies to offer the best of analog. Its diamond is Nude Shibata profiled, and its performance is perfect for turntables like the Signature 10. The winding is made of gold-plated wire, associated with a neodymium magnet. It offers great transparency when listening. The soundstage is full of details and provides a very beautiful restitution. For more details on this phono cartridge, please refer to its product page.

The Package

These two exceptional products, already very high-performing on their own, offer wonderful listening experiences when combined. The width of the soundstage is immediately impressive. The sound is clear and precise, the specialization of the instruments is perfectly balanced, with marked silences. The timbres are perfectly reproduced. The bass is deep and percussive, yet manages to blend with the rest of the soundstage with disconcerting ease.

In addition to the incredible sound reproduction of this product combination, it is worth noting that their design gives them great versatility. All styles of music can be brilliantly sublimated. The turntable is easy to use, and as always at, you will receive it already assembled and adjusted, ready to use. Its composition makes it a more than complete package, with flawless performance.

To purchase this package, please refer to its product page. And for those who would like to trade in their old turntable for a discount, our experts can be reached by email to manage the transaction. But don’t hesitate to contact us also for any questions you may have!