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Sumiko MC Cartridge Trade-In Program

Programme de reprise Sumiko

Sumiko is now also offering a trade-in program for its MC cartridges. This program is divided into two offers. Depending on which offer you choose, you will be entitled to a discount on the purchase of a new Sumiko cartridge. We explain everything in this article.

What are the terms and conditions?

The first offer is for owners of an MC cartridge from the brand’s current ranges, namely: Blue Point No. 3, Songbird, Starling, Celebration 40 and Palos Santos Presentation. This trade-in offer allows you to obtain a credit of up to 25% of the purchase value of the traded-in cartridge, for the purchase of your next Sumiko MC cartridge, on an equivalent or higher range
The second is for audiophiles who own an MC cartridge from previous ranges of the Sumiko brand, but also those from competing brands. By returning your old MC cartridge, you will be entitled to a discount of up to 15% on the purchase of a new Sumiko MC cartridge.
It is important to remember that this offer only applies to MC cartridges, high and low levels.

How do I go about it?

As always with trade-ins, you must first contact us by email, informing us of the MC cartridge you wish to exchange. The technician will confirm the trade-in value. You will then need to send us your old cartridge. Once received in our premises, you will benefit from the discount for the purchase of your new Sumiko MC cartridge.