REGA Planar 2 turntable

Manual vinyl turntable
9-inch tonearm
10mm float glass platter
REGA Carbon cartridge
With dust cover
Made in UK

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Manufacturer : REGA

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A new Rega vinyl turntable is always cause for celebration. After achieving international success with the REGA RP1 and the release of the new REGA Planar 3, it seems only natural that the British manufacturer has now released a new mid-range model. 

At first glance, it looks a lot like the new Planar 3, but upon closer inspection the differences quickly become obvious.

Rega Planar 2 : Plinth, platter and feet

The layered plinth has got a new acrylic finish available in glossy black or white, and is significantly more rigid and inert than the RP1.

The platter is made of Optiwhite, a translucent type of float glass. It is not as thick as the Planar 3 platter (10mm compare to the Planar 3’s 12mm), but has been constructed and polished with no less care and precision.

Rega Planar 2 Platter

It sits on the three solid rubber feet Rega holds so dear. But this time they have been redesigned, with Rega assuring us that they increase stability and isolate the turntable from the surface it rests on. The on/off button is concealed underneath the plinth, on the left.

Rega Planar 2 : Drive and motor

It is powered by the company’s most recent 24V motor, which is similar to the motor used to drive the Planar 3. However, its circuit board is slightly different. 

Rega Planar 2 Drive

Rega Planar 2 : Tonearm

The tonearm is also brand new! The RB220 MkII seems to be a low cost version of the RB330 rather than an improved version of the RB110. It boasts new bearings, complete with frictionless ball bearings.

The 11mm bearing has been redesigned for the better, as has the sub-platter, in order to reduce friction and mechanical noise as much as possible.

The antiskating adjustment is applied manually (from 0.5 to 2.5) as on the RB330 tonearm. Its action is magnetic and acts on the tonearm axis. Like the RB330, the tube is made of polished aluminium and feels very similar to this model.

It comes as standard with the Rega Carbon MM cartridge. As usual, the whole ensemble was designed and assembled in Britain.

Rega Planar 2 Cartridge

Rega Planar 2 : Listening and test review

Playback with the Planar 2 is rhythmic, lively and bright. As we have come to expect from Rega, there’s never a dull moment! The bass is full-bodied and well-articulated. It is much more precise and rich than the Rega P1. The overall sonic performance is detailed and precise enough. The sound stage is impressive for a record player in this range, as is the placement of each performer. But the real selling point of this turntable, and the one which makes it stand out from the competition, is the cohesiveness of the sound quality.

If you want more performance, we recommend the version with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

Rega Planar 2

Rega Planar 2 : Unboxing

The Planar 2 is extremely easy to use, but nonetheless requires a minimum of care. We recommend that you set it up on a rigid (but not necessarily heavy), perfectly level surface. The best option for this would be the (Rega wall bracket).

The Rega Planar 2 vinyl turntable is without a doubt the best deal on the market right now, offering the brand’s renowned musicality at an affordable price. Just can't recommend it enough!



Choc de Classica - 2016

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended (Reviews + Grouptest) - 2016

What Hi-Fi - 2016 - Best Buy - 2016

Vinyl Factory - 2016


Tonearm: RB220 (hand built)

Motor: 24v Synchronous.

Platter: 10 mm/300 mm silica.

Plinth: inert glossy black or white

Spindle/bearing: high precision bronze.

Platter mat: wool felt.

Dust cover: translucent

Cartridge: Rega Carbon

Option: Performance Pack

Dimensions: 11.7 x 44.7 x 36 cm

Weight: 5.5kg

Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

0.66 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai -

0.52 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

0.21 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

0.14 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Vinyl Factory

0.41 Mo - pdf



Choc de classica


Hi-Fi Choice

Recommended - 2016

What Hi-Fi ?


Best buy - 2016

Vinyl Factory

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Customer reviews



Magnifique objet au design minimal, une platine dotée d'excellentes performances à un prix très étudié. Livrée en 48h après que m'ait donné tous les conseils utiles par téléphone. Il n'y a plus qu'à déballer, brancher et écouter. Merci!


Simple, efficace, esthétique

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REGA Planar 2 turntable

REGA Planar 2 turntable

Manual vinyl turntable
9-inch tonearm
10mm float glass platter
REGA Carbon cartridge
With dust cover
Made in UK

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