2019 Christmas gift ideas - Our complete packages

2019 Christmas gift ideas - Our complete packages

It is almost Christmas... If you have not yet found the perfect Christmas gift, for you or for someone else, do not worry, we can help you!

After having shared with you gift ideas among our "favorite" products, now we offer you a new selection of present ideas among maPlatine.com packs. Complete and ready-to-use solutions, perfect to enjoy them as soon as Christmas presents are unwrapped!

1. Ready-to-listen packages for vinyl listening

Your loved one really wants to (re)taking up vinyl records, but he or she is not equipped for? You can offer one of our ready-to-listen packs for Christmas, so your loved one can listen to his favorite records. These complete solutions are created by our experts in order to offer coherent and quality packages of products. With such Christmas present, you can be sure to delight your loved one!


Our turntable & amplifier package is the perfect present for someone who already has a pair of 2 or 3 way speakers, but would like to listen to vinyl.

In this pack, thanks to the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amplifier that offers one phono input, you can easily connect your turntable. We advise you to associate it with Pro-Ject’s bestseller: the Debut Carbon 2M Red SE turntable. A perfect combination to get started in vinyl, even more at this price! No need to break the bank for Christmas :)

Turntable and amplifier package


This combination turntable/amp pleases you but the receiver of your Christmas present does not own Hi-Fi speakers? We offer the Ready-to-Listen Discovery Premium package, composed of this Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable with the Cambridge Audio AM10 integrated amp.

In order to create a complete vinyl system, we added a pair of Bronze 1 speakers by the brand Monitor Audio. With this complete pack, your loved one has everything he or she needs to listen to vinyl records at Christmas, for less than 1000€!

Monitor Audio Bronze 1 bookshelf speakers


Our ready-to-listen Juke Box E package is composed of a Pro-Ject Juke Box E turntable, associated to a pair of Speaker Box 5 by Pro-Ject too. Which of the amplifier in this vinyl system? This Juke Box E is equipped as standard with a phono preamp and a power amplifier.

Juke Box E ready-to-listen package

With this Juke Box E package, you have a complete vinyl system, while remaining compact. Indeed, with only two elements, your loved one can enjoy to your vinyl records during Christmas, with quality restitution!

To discover all our advice and tips to properly build complete Hi-Fi system or to know everything about maPlatine.com vinyl systems, do not hesitate to read our various shopping guides related on this subject.

2. Cleaning accessories packages to maintain your vinyl records

In our selection of Christmas gifts, we introduced you vinyl record cleaning accessories, which are economical and useful gift ideas for the recipient. This kind of present always delights someone and no mistake possible!

So, to allow you to offer essential products to your loved one for Christmas, so that they can take care of their vinyl records, we have prepared packages of cleaning accessories. Into them, there is a cleaning solution for records, but also for stylus. You can also find cleaning brushes or sleeves, essential products to take care of your records!

For a small budget, less than 100€, our Essentiel cleaning accessories package and Expert cleaning accessories package are perfect option. Efficiency guaranteed!

Essentiel cleaning accessories package

And if you have a higher budget, why not go for our Prestige cleaning accessories package? It includes state-of-art small cleaning accessories, with a manual record cleaning machine! Accessories packages to place under the Christmas tree to delight your loved ones!

Prestige cleaning accessories package

We cannot tell you this enough, but the cleaning of your records is important to ensure good listening quality and proper enjoyment of the "vinyl sound". For more information, our expert prepared various advice and tips about record cleaning, so do not hesitate to read them :)

3. Amp & Speakers packages for audiophile listening

You are looking for Christmas gifts for a loved one who loves CD listening, or dematerialized and streaming music? Well, we also offer complete audiophile quality solutions with our amp & speakers packages.

For these Hi-Fi packages, here again the experts at maPlatine.com wanted to offer complete and coherent installations, in order to optimize the results.

If the recipient of the Christmas present prefers bookshelf speakers, you can opt for our Opale amp & speakers package, including the Q Acoustics Concept 20 compact speakers, or for the Amétiste package with the Aria 906 bookshelf speakers from the French manufacturer Focal. Two different ranges, but two Hi-Fi packages that ensure great sound restitution with their quality integrated amps!

Opale amplifier and speaker package

Our third Rubi amp & speakers package is composed of a pair of tower speakers, the Bronze 6 by Monitor Audio. With the Rotel A12 integrated amp, your loved one has the possibility to listen to music in Bluetooth, CDs, and records. And with audiophile performance!

Rubi amplifier and speaker package

Need help for choose these Hi-Fi products? Do not hesitate to read our advice and tips to choose an amplifier or to choose Hi-Fi speakers.


We hope that you will find the perfect Christmas present to spoil your music-loving loved ones, among this selection of our complete solutions, whether for vinyl listening with our Ready-to-Listen packages and record cleaning accessories packages, or for audiophile listening to other audio sources with our Amp & Speakers packages.

To make sure of your choice, our technicians remain at your disposal if you would like furthermore personal advice, by phone (0 810 810 121) or via our contact form.