How do you choose the right CD player?

Building a Hi-Fi system - how to choose the right CD player

You want to assemble your own Hi-Fi system and do not know how to choose your CD player? After its purchase guide on audiophile amps, will now try to help find your way through the many choices of CD players.


Characteristics of an integrated CD player and a drive/transport CD player

There are two types of CD players: built-in CD players and drive/transport CD players. Each type of CD player has its advantages and they all adapt to the needs of each person.

The built-in CD player is a CD player that comprises mechanics (which plays the CD) and a digital/analogue converter (DAC)

The CD transport is a CD player that only comprises the player mechanics, but does not have any converter. A DAC (digital/analogue converter) so that the sound can exit the device.

The built-in CD player is therefore a very practical choice as it integrates everything within a single device. There is something for every budget, some being very high end and therefore of very good quality. As for the CD transport, it requires a second device to operate, but the sound that the device produces will be of better quality since the DAC noticeably improves the quality of the sound (most transport adapts to any DAC).

1. Our selection of CD players for beginners in the Hi-Fi sector

We begin our selection with the CD players completely suitable for those who want to start in the Hi-Fi sector.

Pro-Ject Box S CD player

Lecteur CD Box S Pro-Ject


Founded in 1990, the Austrian company Pro-Ject is experiencing great success with its turntables. Pro-Ject then began designing electronics with its Box Design range: network players, DAC, USB interface, etc. and its famous CD players. The Pro-Ject brand now proposes products with very interesting value for money on the Hi-Fi market.

The Box S CD player of the Box Design series of the brand is a high performance player. It is available in black or silver and comes with a remote control used to control the player. You can observe what track is read thanks to the blue display thanks to the blue display on the left-hand face or use the 'Repeat' function for a track or an album. What is very practical with this player, is that it is compact. Well designed, its audio qualities are greatly appreciated. Indeed, thanks to the Texas Instrument digital/analogue converter, playing your CDs will give a precise and excellent quality! 

Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport

Transport CD Cambridge Audio CXC

Cambridge Audio has proposed High-Fidelity equipment, since 1968, and still has the latest technologies and the highest quality performances. Founded in the United Kingdom, the company guarantees products that are easy to use, at a price defying all competition.

Manufactured with quality and high-end components, the Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport offers remarkable reproduction, without noise or distortion. Its single-speed mechanism gives extremely precise listening. To achieve this, however, you will need to associate it with a DAC or an amplifier equipped with a DAC, such as the Cambridge Audio CXA60 integrated amplifier. With this CXC CD transport, the Cambridge Audio brand once again demonstrates its know-how and offers a high quality product. A must-have!

2. Our selection of CD players for those who perfect their Hi-Fi system

We now introduce our selection of CD players that will allow you to genuinely push your Hi-Fi system to a higher level. This selection is specifically for people with a more extensive budget and who already have some High-Fidelity demands.

Aura Vivid CD player

Lecteur CD Aura Vivid

Founded in Finland, the Auraworking at the origin for restaurants and bars. The manufacturer decided to develop its own range of audiophile products such as network players, audio servers and DACs. Their main objective is to create innovative products that are still developing and 100% made in Europe.

The Aura Vivid CD player is also used as a digital/analogue converter (DAC). Its chrome-plated façade gives a touch of modernity and its thick steel box provides excellent rigidity. It rests on legs cushioned by rubber for great stability. A series of buttons are used to select sources and control of the CD player. The musicality produced by this CD player is excellent, we combined it with a Vita amp of the same brand and were pleased: ample bass, a neutral and defined mid-range and the incredible energy of the whole. This product is a genuine favourite! 


Atoll CD100 SE-2 CD player

 Lecteur CD Atoll CD100 SE-2


Atoll, created in 1997 in Normandy, from its beginnings has designed high-quality High-Fidelity products at unbeatable prices. After the amplifiers, the French brand launched its range of CD players (CD range), before producing its first audio-video products. Atoll now represents a great French success.

The CD100 SE-2 Atoll CD player will satisfy the most demanding of listeners. Available in black or silver, this player gives great accuracy and a significant energy to the music played. The player ensures that the music will have greater finesses and its details will be revealed to you. If you want to listen to the music coming from web radios or from a streaming platform, it is entirely possible to add to this a digital card (optional) to connect your Atoll CD100 SE-1 CD player to your computer. Modern and of high quality, the CD Atoll CD player is essential for listening to music properly! 

Pro-Ject Box RS CD transport

Transport CD Pro-Ject BOX RS

This CD transport from the Austrian brand Pro-Ject is a highly comprehensive device. Indeed, it proposes a great number of connectors: four digital outputs and also a Clock in input, that can only be used with a specific DAC of the brand (e.g. the Pro-Ject Box RS DAC). This transport is really well designed and combined with a DAC such as a Box RS DAC, you will be surprised with the play precision and musicality generated. Its design remains aligned with the philosophy of the brand (simple and refined), and the Pro-Ject Box RS CD transport is available in two finishes, silver or black. This CD transport clearly reveals all the expertise acquired by Pro-Ject in the digital sphere! This is probably the best CD transport in its category, a must have!



3. Our selection of high end CD players

The CD players that we proposed below are clearly identified as being high end. They must be installed in a Hi-Fi system that is just as demanding if you want to get the best out of them.


Micromega CD-30 CD player

Lecteur CD Micromega CD-20

Created in France in 1987, Micromega designs and produces Hi-Fi equipment such as DACs for the digital music sector, but also network players and CD players. Even today, Micromega remains at the forefront of technology while keeping its manufacturing 'Made in France'.

The CD-30 Micromega player, presented with its highly attractive milled aluminium façade and aluminium casing, is a player recognised for its details and listening finesse. Its metal plinth brings stability and rigidity to the playing mechanics. It has two power supplies: one dedicated to the digital section and the second to the audio section. Its power transformer is very interesting as the bandwidth and current demand is low. This player gives a very satisfactory listening quality. 


Rega ISIS CD player

Lecteur CD Rega ISIS Created by Roy Gandy in 1973, Rega rapidly specialised in turntables, then in the digital world with its first Planet CD player. Well-designed and very musical, Rega products have always been welcomed by critics right from their launch.

The CV Rega ISIS player relays an extremely good musicality. The instruments are detected one after the other but, together, they give exceptional playing and legibility. This player does marvels for voice and piano! The music is real and surprising. The Rega ISIS CD player has excellent connectors and its internal components are really superb. It has a USB input that connects to your computer. It combines seamlessly with the amplifier of the same brand: the Rega OSIRIS R amplifier. This CD player is a key reference on the High-Fidelity market.


We hope that these few bits of advice will help you to choose the right CD player for you. We remain at your disposal if you require further information on this subject, by message.