Transport CD Cambridge CXC

CD transport

SPDIF and Toslink outputs

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Manufacturer : CAMBRIDGE AUDIO

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The new CX range from the British manufacturer replaces the renowned and celebrated Azur range. The Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport is the only CD drive offered by Cambridge Audio, designed to read digital audio information from a CD with the highest precision.


The stunning aluminum front panel features a new anthracite gray finish, named "Lunar Grey" by the manufacturer.

At the center is the loading tray, with an OLED display below it.

On the right, four circular push buttons provide access to the main functions (play, stop, next track, and previous track). On the left, two buttons control the tray opening and power.


Every component of the Cambridge Audio CXC is dedicated solely to extracting the finest information contained in the Compact Disc. It transmits this information via the SPDIF or Toslink digital outputs to a digital-to-analog converter.

The Cambridge Audio CXC is equipped with the mechanism originally developed by Cambridge Audio for its high-end 851C CD player. The "S3" servo motor offers unparalleled low levels of jitter and error correction.

No integrated CD player can match the precision and stability levels of the Cambridge Audio CXC.


Compared to a CD player of the same range, the Cambridge Audio CXC offers an unmatched level of detail and transparency.

Of course, tonal balance and dynamics are closely linked to the quality of the converter with which it is paired. However, regardless of the DAC, common characteristics associated with the CXC are evident.

The soundstage is wide, precise, and very stable. Transparency is also consistent, no matter the converter used.

If you have a good DAC, the Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport will deliver results and musicality that no CD player at this price can provide.

Highly recommended!


Coaxial digital output: S/PDIF

Optical digital output: Toslink

Coaxial output impedance: <75 ohms

Power consumption: 25 W

Standby power consumption: < 0.5 W

Remote control: yes

Dimensions: 85 x 430 x 315 mm

Weight : 4,7 kg

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Transport CD Cambridge CXC

Transport CD Cambridge CXC

CD transport

SPDIF and Toslink outputs

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