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Roksan: the new Attessa product line

Gamme de produit Roksan Attessa

Roksan is one of the legendary brands of the high-end audio equipment. As a matter of fact, they are known and appreciated for the quality of their digital and analogue products, like their magnificent high-end turntables for example.

Well, we have some good news for the lovers of the British manufacturer, Roksan launches a full new range named Attessa which will allow more music lovers to have access to the sound and quality of the brand’s products. Available on!

The sources of the Roksan Attessa range

With this new Attessa range, Roksan thought about both vinyl and CD users. In fact, the brand offers a turntable and a CD transport. You can therefore enjoy this Attessa range no matter what your favourite source is.


For many years now, we have known Roksan’s high end turntables like the Xerxes 20 or the more recent Radius 7. So it’s a nice surprise to discover this Roksan Attessa turntable, a complete model offering many innovations for less than €1,500!

First of all, we can point out the atypical but great design of this Attessa turntable: rounded edges, small lacquered black strip on the chassis, platter covered with smoked tempered glass, wool felt mat with six cut-out triangles in the centre… All of which provide a beautiful looking turntable available in black or white finish.

Roksan Attessa turntable

The technical side was not neglected either. The Roksan Attessa turntable is very well equipped with for example a unipivot tonearm, MM cartridge with titanium stylus, electronic speed control or built-in phono preamplifier. This turntable provides a reproduction meeting the brand’s high standards: precision, details, realism, dynamics… Notable performance that allowed it to receive several awards from the trade press. Congratulations Roksan!


Another audio source from this range: the Attessa CD transport. From the outside, it uses the same elements as the Roksan Attessa turntable. Available in aluminium or black anodised finish, its sober aspect is very pleasant.

The British manufacturer designed this CD transport to play the digital audio information of a CD with the best possible precision. Roksan chose simplicity and did not use useless integrated circuits. We can feel it when playing the CD! When connected to a DAC or an amplifier with digital input, we obtain a precise, neutral and very transparent reproduction. We’ve been completely astounded by its quality, especially considering the price!

Roksan Attessa CD transport

The amplifiers of the Roksan Attessa range

In addition to audio sources, Roksan completes the Attessa range by proposing two amplifiers, an integrated amplifier and a streaming amplifier. What’s more, these two models are also sold at an affordable price considering their quality and the brand’s reputation!


This Attessa integrated amplifier is the manufacturer’s most affordable amplifier to this day. This doesn’t mean that they have made compromises or lowered their quality standards! On the contrary, the whole brand’s expertise has been used for this integrated amplifier which provides a large amount of functions meeting the expectations of a modern amplifier.

Aesthetically speaking, this Roksan integrated amplifier is in line with the other products of the range with its sobriety and rigidity. In terms of connection, this Attessa integrated amplifier has plenty: analogue inputs, MM phono input, optical and coaxial inputs, Bluetooth receiver and even Pre/Sub RCA outputs. You clearly have the choice and you can associate it with a wide range of Hi-Fi speakers! Speaking of sound, the amplifier is again in line with Roksan products. It provides a nice musicality, full of softness. A great success, especially at this price!

Roksan Attessa integrated amplifier


Even though the Roksan Attessa integrated amplifier already offers plenty of possibilities, the British manufacturer wanted to go even further by offering another amplifier model equipped with a network player. This is how the Roksan Attessa streaming amplifier is born!

It uses the same exact elements as the integrated amplifier, both technically and aesthetically. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution allowing you to listen to digital music as well, this Roksan device is perfect for you! The streamer of the Attessa streaming amplifier can be controlled via the BluOS app (developed by Bluesound) and enables access to streaming services and free Internet radios. With this streaming amplifier, Roksan thus offers a comprehensive and modern solution with all the qualities which made the brand famous!

Roksan Attessa connected amplifer

It is fair to say that 2022 got off to a great start with this new affordable Attessa range offered by famous manufacturer Roksan. If you’ve always wanted to have a Roksan Hi-Fi element in your Hi-Fi system, this range is made for you. A great success.