Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus vinyl turntable

Manual vinyl turntable - Cartridge not included


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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Manufacturer : ROKSAN

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The original model of the Roksan XERXES was launched in 1985. It was one of the top-selling Audiophile vinyl turntables in the 80's. Despite this unprecedented success, Roksan, headed up by Tufan Hashemi, has constantly upgraded it, removing or improving on weak points. Thanks to modern digital tools, among other things, parts can be crafted with extreme precision, with tuning and tolerances often below the micron. In addition, the modern XERXES has benefited from years of research dedicated to the brand's flagship product, the 'TMS 3'. Many changes have been made in comparison to the initial model. However, it remains true to the basic principles stated by Mr Hashemi 'A floating or suspended surface cannot allow for precise playback, only a rigid base, completely isolated from the record can produce results that can live up to the expectations of a music lover"…an anti Thorens or anti-Linn LP12, in a way!

Be it as it may, the results are there! The design, craft quality of the mechanical parts and finish are state-of-the-art and accept no criticism! It could actually be used as a benchmark for many manufacturers!! And this 'plus' version features brand new spikes with a complex structure. Above all, they offer a better isolation from vibrations. According to the manufacturer, they would be more efficient if the turntable is set up on a hard surface such as glass, marble and granite. It improves the clarity, dynamics and sound stage depth.

The Roksan Xerxes is designed to work in conjunction with three tonearm models, namely the Tabriz, Tabriz ZI and Artemiz, but it can just as well be used with any other good quality tonearm. The sonic performances are directly correlated with the quality of the tonearm used. However, we get amazing results with the first in the range, the famous Tabriz…

The sound is amazingly subtle and authentic, it's as if the musicians were right there in the room! The treble is precise and very high pitched yet always soft. The mids are of the same level, the vocals are present, clear and very subtle. The bass is expressive, punchy and very deep. The sub bass lines are very well articulated and very subtle. The sound benefits from great transparency and a beautiful sound stage. We have to admit that there is a host of details, compared with other turntables, it's as if a veil had been lifted off in front of the speakers… And naturally, this Xerxes can play music!

Thirty years on, it's still a benchmark! Quite understandably, journalists compare it to the Porsche 911! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



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Manual turntable

Bearing: Solid phosphor/bronze - Ball bearing: Tungstene carbide < 1 micron/2mm

Platter: 2 ultra hard aluminium pieces - Hub: 2 ultra hard aluminium pieces

Platter: 3 plinth structure (3 isolation levels) - Belt: Neoprene

Motor: synchronous 24 poles - Motor mount: single ball bearing - Pulley: precision aluminium alloy (< 1 micron)

Rumble: < - 80 dB - Wow:

Optional tonearm: TABRIZ, TABRIZ ZI or ARTEMIZ

Dimension: 450x370x115

Weight: 12 Kg

Banc d'essai

1.01 Mo - pdf



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Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus vinyl turntable

Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus vinyl turntable

Manual vinyl turntable - Cartridge not included


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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