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Hi-Fi cables – New products to discover

Nouveaux câbles Hi-Fi

Often ignored or even forgotten, Hi-Fi cables are nevertheless an integral part of a High Fidelity system. At, we have been convinced for many years of the benefits of owning good quality audio cables! We have therefore introduced new products among our phono cables, interconnect cables and power cables, which we invite you to discover.



The Tellurium Q Ultra Black II phono cable

The Ultra Black II phono cable of the brand Tellurium Q is offered with a DIN plug, straight or angled. This is a feature that we can also find on high-end turntables. So, if you have this type of connection on your turntable and you are looking for high-quality phono cable, the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is probably made for you!


Câble phono Tellurium Q Ultra Black II

This Hi-Fi cable will bring a certain gain to the sound restitution, all the musicality of the Tellurium Q is in this phono cable: details, fineness, fluidity, dynamics… Everything is gathered! A superb option for high-end Hi-Fi systems!



The Transparent XLR interconnect cables

Recently, you can find two new interconnect cables from our selection at Transparent: the Musiclink Balanced interconnect cable and the Musiclink Plus Balanced interconnect cable. These are fully balanced Hi-Fi cables, with XLR connections.


Câble de modulation XLR Transparent Musiclink Balanced

As always with the Transparent brand, these interconnect cables are very well designed, with high-quality components. When listening, we find a sound close to the RCA versions, The Musiclink and The Musiclink Plus. However, the Transparent Musiclink Balanced in XLR will bring more definition and articulation. And the Transparent Musiclink Plus Balanced goes even further than its little brother, with a lower sound level and deeper bass. Just Hi-Fi cables with an excellent quality/price ratio!



The Atlas and Viard Audio power cables

As you may have noticed, over the last few months we have been expanding our selection of power cables. Indeed, several Hi-Fi manufacturers now offer solutions to reduce as much as possible the electromagnetic pollutions generated by the Hi-Fi system by different device of your everyday life! And this is the case for brands such as Atlas and Viard Audio, that have recently joined our power cables selection.


The Atlas EOS DD power cable

Atlas involved its EOS power cable with this “DD” new version, which stands for “Double Drain”. These new conductors are designed to avoid the various pollutions that the Hi-Fi system can receive. And this is pretty effective, above all for a power cable at a such democratic price!


Câble d'alimentation Atlas EOS DD

The Atlas EOS DD is perfectly adapted to entry-level and mid-range systems, and offers a more define, dynamic and clearer restitution. By the way, it has been rewarded by Hi-Fi Choice for its outstanding performances. An excellent Hi-Fi cable option for a rather small budget!


The Viard Audio Silver HD power cable

If you often follow our news on our blog, you should know that we introduced the brand Viard Audio in early 2020 on our website. Good news for the “Made in France” enthusiasts, we have recently completed our selection by offering new power cables, with Viard Audio Silver HD12 Power and the Viard Audio Silver HD20 Power.


Câble d'alimentation Viard Audio Silver HD12 Power

Like all Viard Audio’s Hi-Fi cables, these power cables of equipped with Cu-VHQ copper conductors, the proper process of the manufacturer. To offer high-end performances, Viard Audio also added an excellent shielding to avoid any electromagnetic disturbances and other kinds of parasitic noises, as well as a very protective sheath.

With these Viard Audio HD12 and Silver HD20 Power cables, you get a precise and dynamic sound, with a beautiful matter. And the transparency is not left behind with the HD20 Power model. A great success!



As you can see with these new products, Hi-Fi cables are truly part of the concerns of manufacturers, who continue to develop new solutions to improve the reproduction of your Hi-Fi system. Maybe you will get started with one of those new audio cables!