Rega BIAS 78 cartridge


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Manufacturer : REGA

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Rega BIAS 78: Manufacturing

As with all REGA cartridges, the Rega BIAS 78 phono cartridge is hand built using brand-specific coil winding techniques.

The BIAS78 is cast in an industrial polymer that is harder than aluminium called POCAN.

Unlike other conventional cartridge models, no rubber seal is used.

The mounting tolerance between the moving magnet and pole pieces is only 0.25 mm against 0.7 mm for competitor products.

It is built after the BIAS 2 with a special stylus for playing 78 rpm records. It is naturally monophonic.

Rega BIAS 78: Listening and test review

The sonic performance is amazing and the tonal balance is perfectly suited to REGA turntables and tonearms (RP1, P2, P3 …).


Monophonic cartridge specifically designed for 78 rpm records

Output level: 6.2/6.8 mV

Tracking force: 1.75 g

Stylus: RB78

Mount: standard two-point mount

Coils: high spec parallel wound

Colour: Black

Stylus replacement by standard exchange of the assembly.

Catalogue Rega

4.14 Mo - pdf

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Customer reviews


force d'appui

Un petit doute sur le réglage à 1,75 g. Ce n'est pas un peu léger ? quand la tête se pose sur le bord du disque, ça dérape vers l'extérieur (disque 25 cm), et le diamant se retrouve à frotter sur le feutre du plateau : aïe aïe aïe !

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Rega BIAS 78 cartridge

Rega BIAS 78 cartridge


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