Rega Aya tower speakers

GRC (glass-reinforced cement) cabinet

2.5-way speaker

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : REGA

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The new Rega Aya speakers have been in development for over 10 years by Rega's R&D team, led by founder Roy Gandy.


These floor-standing Aya speakers promise to deliver detailed and balanced performance, regardless of the genre of music you choose to listen to.

The speakers are entirely designed by Rega. The midrange is handled by a 12.5 cm diameter speaker, the Rega MX-125, while the lower frequencies are reproduced by a 17.8 cm Rega RR7.8 transducer. Both speaker cones are made from cellulose fiber.

High frequencies are managed by a Rega ZRR tweeter with an impregnated fabric dome. All these components are coupled with a new 2.5-way crossover filter, optimized by Rega's engineers. The tweeter's positioning between the two mid-range drivers resembles a pseudo Appolito configuration, achieving a symmetric vertical directivity curve.

The speaker operates on a Bass/Reflex design with a substantial circular port on the front panel. The path of low frequencies inside the speaker is more complex than it seems, passing through an acoustic filter placed beneath the bass driver before exiting through the port.


Many manufacturers today seek new solutions to produce high-performance speakers at an affordable price. Over the years, the cost of cabinet-making has become a significant obstacle to producing Hi-Fi speakers in Europe. This has led to the majority of speakers being manufactured in Asia. However, this approach may soon have its limitations and is not conducive to maintaining a low carbon footprint. Therefore, composite materials are increasingly seen as the solution.

To uphold the brand's values, the Rega Aya floor-standing speaker is entirely manufactured in the UK. Its cabinet is molded from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). The fiberglass used in the construction reduces weight while enhancing the structural integrity of the cabinet. The molding process for the Aya speakers was developed in collaboration with a specialized British company known for its custom concrete furniture and installations.

The cabinet is available in a steel gray finish with a light gray front panel. The speaker stands on an ingenious black steel tripod base.


Amplifier connection is facilitated via a gold-plated terminal that accepts banana plugs and bare wires. Rega has opted not to include dual terminals, as they believe a well-designed single cable connection with excellent components is sufficient, and bi-wiring provides no additional benefit, contrary to some claims.

The announced efficiency rating of 89.5 dB is typical for speakers of this size and range. Pairing with a quality amplifier delivering between 40 and 80 W should pose no issues.

These floor-standing speakers are supplied without speaker grilles to reduce costs. Optional magnetic grilles are available, though most customers opt not to use them. These grilles are covered in high-quality audio jersey fabric to minimize their impact on sound quality.


Rega's commitment to innovation and technology in developing the Aya speakers is evident. These choices result in a more neutral speaker with superior performance compared to competitors using particle board, all while offering exceptional value for money.

Placed 2.60 m apart and 30 cm from the rear wall, we tested them with various tube and transistor amplifiers from Rega and other brands.

In summary, the Rega Aya speakers are highly versatile, delivering neutral and detailed sound that highlights the qualities of the integrated amplifier or source components.

Their sound reproduction belies their size, effortlessly filling our auditorium (>50 m2) with ease and spontaneity. They truly shine in rooms ranging from 20 to 35 m2.

The speakers exhibit excellent dynamics and accurately reproduce transients without trailing. The bass is notably impactful yet articulate, exemplified in the clarity of instruments like the double bass. Few competitors in this price range offer such breadth and finesse in the lower spectrum without muddiness.

The mid-high range integration is superbly balanced, delivering elegant and detailed vocal and instrumental performances with precise spatial placement and a realistic stereo image that extends well beyond the speaker boundaries.

The Rega Aya floor-standing speakers are crafted with bold technical choices and radical design decisions. This approach pays off, as their performance is exceptional and challenging to rival at this price point.

Rega Aya speakers truly offer exceptional value for money and have surprised us in more ways than one. They represent the pinnacle of what the British manufacturer has achieved in speaker design. Bravo!

A definite favorite of ours!


Design: 2.5-way

Enclosure: glass-reinforced cement

Load : Bass/Reflex front

Tweeter : Rega ZRR

Midrange: 12.5 cm Rega MX-125

Bass : 17.8 cm Rega RR7.8

Impedance : 6 Ω

Sensitivity: 89.5 dB

Power handling: 110 W per channel

Finish: steel grey/ light grey

Dimensions: 258 x 871 x 215 mm

Weight: 14.1 Kg unit

*Optional speaker grilles

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Rega Aya tower speakers

Rega Aya tower speakers

GRC (glass-reinforced cement) cabinet

2.5-way speaker

Made in UK

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