Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC

ES9028PRO SABRE DAC (32 bits/768 kHz) 

Ultra-high precision low Jitter clock

Symmetrical outputs

Optical, coax, AESBU, USB inputs

Headphone output

Made in France

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The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC is the mid-range model from the French manufacturer. It takes up the aesthetic and finish of the “Signature” products of the manufacturer Atoll.


The DAC200 Signature is dressed with a black or natural brushed aluminium front panel, with curved edges.

In the middle of this one, there is a low-power OLED screen. It gives source information, and the sampling frequency of the listened track as well.

On the right and left of the front panel, there is an on/off selector, a source selector, an access to the menu and a volume adjusting.

There is also a headphone output of 3.5 mm stereo Jack.


The back of the DAC200 Signature is completely similar to its big brother, the Atoll DAC300 DAC.

The connection offer is impressive on a product of this range! There are 9 digital outputs: 3 SPDIF in RCA format, 3 optical Toslink, 1 USB, 1 AES/EBU in XLR and 1 Bluetooth.

The RCA asymmetrical outputs are doubled by XLR symmetrical ones.

Atoll added to this 2 coaxial digital optical outputs! Hard to miss an input!


Once the cover is removed, there is in this DAC a N/A conversion chip of a professional origin: the SABRE ES9028 (32 bits/768 kHz). This is the version just below the one used in the DAC300. Its technical characteristics are very close to the Sabre ES9038. It is able to deal with information in PCM up to 768 kHz! It is associated with a ultra-high precision low Jitter clock.

Note that the SPDIF inputs can support the PCM up to 192 kHz and the USB-B can convert the PCM up to 768 kHz, and the DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512!

The power supply uses 12 independent voltage controls, outputs stages polarized in class “A”, with discrete components and no feedback.

All of the connecting capacitors are of MKP technology and the high frequencies capacitors are silver Mica technology.


We connected it to the CD transport of the manufacturer, the Atoll DR200 Signature, and to the small Bluesound Node 2i network player.

As expected, the restitution is relatively close to the Atoll DAC300. We find its transparency and definition, with a little less evidence on the background and on some complex parts.

The dynamic is less evident, even if the low end of the spectrum, however nice, does not reach the articulation obtained by its big “brother”!

To be honest, it does more or less the same things as the DAC300, less well everywhere... If you prefer, the Atoll DAC300 does the same as the DAC200 Signature, but better!

The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC is an excellent surprise! At this price, it is highly recommended!


Converter: (32 bits/768kHz) ES9028PRO Sabre

USB input: PCM up to 768 kHz and 64, 128, 256 and 512 for the DSDs

Digital inputs: PCM up to 192 kHz

Coaxial inputs: 3 x SPDIF

Optical inputs: 3 x Toslink

AES/EBU input: 1 USB-B input: 1

Bluetooth input: 1

Coaxial inputs: 2 x SPDIF

Optical inputs: 2 x Toslink

Asymmetrical analogical outputs: RCA

Symmetrical analogical outputs: XLR

Headphone output: 1 on stereo 3.5 mm Jack

Volume control: by converter (disengageable)

Dynamic: 133 dB Distortion: -120 dB

Clock: very low Jitter

Display: low consumption OLED display

Display information: source and sampling frequency R

emote control: global, included

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 60 mm

Weight: 4kg

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Customer reviews


DAC 200 Signature

Maillon Essentiel et Indispensable d'une chaine HIFI maintenant , ce DAC est Fabuleux . Après une mise sous tension de plusieurs jours et une utilisation aussi de plusieurs jours , le Rodage , Nécessaire , est effectif et bien perceptible.
Rendu Sonore Magnifique , comme toutes les électroniques de chez Atoll. Tout le contenu de l'enregistrement est restitué avec une grande précision , beaucoup de détails , de matière , en totale neutralité. C'est Magnifique. Je suis comblé de bonheur en écoute CD , numérique en sortie d'Ordinateur. On perçoit bien la différence :CD , 24x48 et surtout 24x96 en Wave.
Il faut le raccorder avec de Bons Cables !!. Il le mérite amplement , et la aussi , on a une sacrée différence !!!. Et puis , on est équipé pour une bonne décennie avec ses Trois Entrées x 3 Que du bonheur !! . Bernard

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Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC

Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC

ES9028PRO SABRE DAC (32 bits/768 kHz) 

Ultra-high precision low Jitter clock

Symmetrical outputs

Optical, coax, AESBU, USB inputs

Headphone output

Made in France

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